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    What the f#$% did I do? Rear wheel install

    it's been said a few times, but yes, the right hand side is 'floating' and should be loosened after torquing the axle nut so that it can self center, then re tightened.
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    Too much fork oil?

    Measure the air gap. I set mine at 150mm. Non ES, though not sure how the ES applies
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    Final drive leak, both places?

    I replaced the output seal a while back. The input recently started leaking, just like yours, and I disassembled and cleaned it up. The spline coupler that rides on the input seal was starting to get rusty and there was crap in the seal. Cleaned out and polished and all is well again. That...
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    Traction control really OFF?

    TC Off + a WAD of throttle and washboard is ok. The big enemy is the overly soft suspension and HEAVY unsprung weight of the rear wheel. It doesn't like to stay in contact with the ground over washboard.
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    Ohlins Fork Kit FKA 106

    I just ordered a set from Jaxon (Tabasco), and they are a big improvement over stock. Especially considering the stock were trashed after only 40K miles and provided very little bottoming resistance in the first place. Not sure who pissed in France's cornflakes, but they are a customized...
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    Anyone got a shifter setup for GP shift?

    I'd have to look at my bike when I get home, but is there room to just turn the shift arm 180 degrees or so and use the same (or a fab'd) link shaft?
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    S10 Fork Cartridge options

    Thanks, I'll get back to you!
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    S10 Fork Cartridge options

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    S10 Fork Cartridge options

    Any recommendations for where to buy? Also, what's going on with your website? I tried to jump on and peruse recently and no joy.
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    S10 Fork Cartridge options

    During a recent service/revalve, it became apparent that the anodizing inside the damping cartridge tube (where the midvalve piston slides) has worn away. These cartridges were pretty mediocre anyway, even after lots of work, and I'd like options to replace them. As I see it my options are...
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    darkside / car tire ????

    175/55-r17 IIRC, yes fits w/o mods. Couple other guys on here tried it, and liked it.
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    darkside / car tire ????

    If anyone is curious....I'll give you the 500 mile Economist I'm taking off tomorrow, come get it in Flagstaff.
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    The Darkside.......

    Just decided to end my experiment with the Economist just tracks too poorly offroad. If I were a street only guy this would be a great tire (though I seem to have gotten the last one in the US). If anyone is interested, I could probably ship it somewhere, or come get it free in...
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    emission delete

    You LITERALLY are asking for his (and everyone else's) opinion. You seem to have as complete grasp of internet forums as you do the operating principles of a closed loop internal combustion engine...
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    Engineering perfection- One of the many reasons we love her

    ::025:: Glad I'm not the only one up uses the flat tank as a beer stand when in the garage...