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My bike is still for sale. I have to ride something smaller. I am walking, using 1 crutch. Super T is just too heavy for me to ride.
I asked about the clutch micro switch and the right control pod. I was able to clean/repair both on my bike ( contact cleaner and soldier ;-) ) so am no longer interested except for holding as spares. I might give $30 for both but don't think this is a fair offer.
Anthony, Happy New Year. I have a 2015 stock. Would like your flash. Get rid of snatchy throttle and engine braking, remove limiter etc. email is hpillc1@gmail.com . Please send instructions. Thanks. Chuck
Hello all, New member and new adv rider. I purchased a 2015 super tenere back in May, new only 20 miles on it. It was to be my daily rider to work and now has become my favourite way to get around.
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