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Hey Mark, I been having fun building an RC track in our basement and wanted to share it with you. Bev filmed and I posted a video at the end of my blog post. I hope you are not too bored by it!! LOL
Ken, that is pretty neat. I just recently bought a used R/C. My boys are into them.
Welcome to the forum. I live in Kennewick and have put a lot of miles on 2 STs (a 2012 and a 2015). Feel free to contact me at (509) 713-5325 if I can help with questions about maintenance or local rides.
Larry Thomas
Hey RaginTxn. Was reading your old post on lowering and where you mentioned pull back on your bars. I just bought a '15 S10 and I need the same. Lower seat by a bit (30" inseam) and bars back by 1-2". Did you solve the bars issue?