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Hello OldRider, I was wondering if you are still selling the spokes for the Tenere. I have a 2014 Gen 2 ES. UK Model.
I was after 4 for the rear, complete with the nipples. And another 2 spokes for the front, complete with the nipples, if you do fronts also ?
Would paypal be ok to pay with ?
I live in the UK, so the postage i no would be more expensive, to send them over the pond.
I'll get them in the mail today and send you a tracking number.
Spokes are in the mail. USPS tracking # LZ-206-5914-108-US
Tenere man
Thanks OldRider, i have recieved the shipping info, much gratful, Tenere Man
Thanks for the quick reply on the Tenere skid plate. The plate has zero damage as the most off-road I ever did with my Tenere was gravel roads as well.

Send the $135 to ron48.less@gmail.com preferably as friend/family so I avoid their fees. Make sure I have a current address for you and I'll get it sent as soon as payment is received. I'll PM you a tracking number as well.

Ron (Too Tall)