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Hi Proposto.
Just fitted a Garmin Zumo 660 to the accessory bar of my 2014 S10,
After realizing how much it bounced about, I did a search and found out about your great brackets.
Could you give me details so I can order some via Paypal please?
Hi Ramwyn, just PayPal $30 if you’re in the US or $40 everywhere else to Tom.propson@sbcglobal.net be sure to include your address.
Thanks much
hi stutrump,
i can i ask my xt1200 is 5 years old had plugs changed every 12 months because of the coil corrosion, today mechanic got all 4 out but those meal sleeves were all miss shaped and a mess so i told him to pull the sleeves off because i told him you had done it and had no issues, so today service new plugs again and coils replaced with metal sleeves off.
have you had any issues at all with these missing .
what mileage and time ago it was done cheers rob
Looking for a reflash. Just wondering if you still do them? Email is sethknecht4@gmail.com Thank you
What you are looking for is the mounting bracket for the rear brake, correct?

This: https://i.postimg.cc/4dVpVmhF/DSCN3996.jpg

Make me an offer. Comes with caliper bolts. Nothing missing or damaged. I made a deal with a guy that needed only a rear caliper and bought the mount from him off an ebay item. Low miles.

Make me an offer.
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