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    Engine knock on cold start / rough idling after Valve Adjustment and Spark Plug replacement

    If your low oil light isn’t on, then I would trust there is plenty of oil in the crankcase. Don’t just look at the sight glass and add/remove oil. Check level per Yamaha procedure... ride bike, park bike 10min, check oil level.
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    Rear wheel axle question

    No. You’re over rotated a few degrees clockwise from the index point. You’ll know it’s right when the plate locks in.
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    Rear wheel axle question

    Your after pic shows correct placement of the washer... I would question if the ABS spacer/plate is indexed with the brake carrier. Also, release the wheel axle pinch bolt and confirm no tension on the swingarm.
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    Electrical Plug under PASSENGER Seat

    and in case you didn’t know... the key will need to be cycled off in the event of a tip over with the engine running.
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    Show me your bike loaded with tent camping gear

    Y’all need more stuff!!!
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    favourite pic of your bike:-)

    Stage 3 of the MABDR
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    Rox Pivoting Risers

    Shot in the dark without pictures but make sure they are designed for a Gen 2 Tenere. It requires a wider clamping area due to the slight rotation of Yamaha’s bar mount.
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    Engine failure

    Apparently, correct nomenclature is very important around here! Good luck with Yamaha helping resolve your problem. I’m sure they’ll want to discover why things went awry in there even if your bike is out of warranty.
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    Weird harmonic rumble

    I had a similar rumble with these tires. Zoom in and see those stepped side knobs… as they wear down, I believe are the primary cause of this vibration.
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    Shinko 804/805's

    Many miles on the 804 and only 4K with a TKC... If you want offroad traction and don’t care about lifespan, get the TKC. Avoid panic front brake use and the Conti should last you 4-5K miles. While not as good in rocks/dirt/mud, the 804 is very serviceable in any situation, more durable and...
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    Final Drive Fluid Change

    Did you expect it to look pristine? The fluid should be discolored after all that work, get concerned if there are pieces of metal in it! My procedure is to measure out 210-220ml in a squeeze bottle and attach a section of tubing. Using 2 straps, I’ll lean the bike to the right-side down...
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    is there a delay in new bikes arriving at dealers ?

    At least we have toilet paper!
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    brake bleed abs flush

    Just bleed... longest line first.
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    I am looking for rear brake advise

    Heard reports of this in the past and it may be related to an ABS failure. How many miles on your machine?
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    What tent?

    Primitive and stealthy... like we like.