Panniers + Mounting Hardware?


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Apr 17, 2023
Cross Junction, VA
I know this has been talked to death in multiple places, however I cannot find anything that gives me good reasoning, pricing, and utility when it comes to panniers and mounting hardware. I am looking for top plate hardware that fits the square style Givi Monokey as well as solid pannier mounts + panniers themselves. Soft or hard recommendations and why. I would like the bike to look as symmetrical as possible considering the offset due to the exhaust… all advice, recommendations, and explanations are welcome. I want racks I can get use with both hard and soft panniers if possible.


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Sep 13, 2018
I have the Bumot setup. Both Hard and Soft Bags.
They are symmetrical, and really strong cases. One of the best setups you could buy IMHO. They also tuck-in closer to the bike that some other setups.
They are pricey though, but this is one of those things that "you get what you pay for"
I opted for their Top-Case as well, which uses a different mounting system than the Givi Monokey mounts.
I think there are one or two manufacturers that make a top-case Rack that uses the Givi Monokey Hardware (you can buy this separately) , and Givi used to offer a Rack for the Tenere but not sure if they are still available.
The Givi side-case rack system is NOT symmetrical.


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May 27, 2018
The Bluegrass, KY
FWIW: Bumot is manufactured in Romania (I believe). ADV Motorrad is the importer, located in central NY. I have met the owner personally and toured his (family-owned, small business) operation; he's a rider himself and will go out of his way to make sure his customers are satisfied.....highly recommended vendor.


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Oct 21, 2022
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Hi Corey.

I use Outback Motortek pannier racks with Tusk Pilot bags which I've reconfigured slightly to not need the over-seat straps . The racks are symmetrical and allow me to mount a Rotopax 1gal can on the inside of the rack (on the non-exhaust side). The racks easily allow for mounting hard panniers...I just prefer soft ones for offroad and because they compress down when empty. If I were to do it again I would get the Tusk Olympus bags because they are a bit larger and come with a quick release mounting kit.

I also have a Xitomer (Amazon) rear rack plate. It looks like an Altrider. It has mounting holes for Givi or some other type of hardware. Here, I just prefer using a Tusk waterproof duffle instead a hard box.

The OEM hard cases that I have and use occasionally are very nice for longer, on-road trips. They're convenient, quick to remove, look great and hold quite a bit of stuff safely.
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