1. A

    Mosko Moto Luggage (Sold)

    New Mosko Moto 35L luggage, 100% waterproof. Comes with Aux pouch that currently holds 4 MSR fuel bottles (also included) Rack and hardware for Super Tenere 1200 included. Luggage is quick disconnect so it can be removed or locked to the rack to stay secured. Shipping from 23692 at buyers...
  2. sutibun

    Top box or trunk

    Ok let's talk, top trunk... I plan to get a top trunk maybe an Amazon special, possibly oem. I'm not sure but I like the idea of all being keyed together. What are you using and what are the pros and cons? '2022 S10ES, 1200km. Just had its first service.
  3. CoreyM16

    Panniers + Mounting Hardware?

    I know this has been talked to death in multiple places, however I cannot find anything that gives me good reasoning, pricing, and utility when it comes to panniers and mounting hardware. I am looking for top plate hardware that fits the square style Givi Monokey as well as solid pannier mounts...
  4. BrotherWolf

    SOLD Jesse panniers & custom rack

    Used panniers with a few “battle scars” from trips & travel on and off road. These were powder coated black inside and out. They mount to a custom Super Tenere rack with the emblem ‘1200’ cut into it. In my opinion, these provide the roomiest and most weatherproof, secure storage while also...