Need a video of a CCT install?

Moto addict

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Apr 21, 2020
Greencastle, IN
How did you go about getting the correct pressure on the chain?
What I did after the Graves CCT was installed is turn the adjuster in by hand until it bottoms out. Then turn the adjuster with a wrench 1/4 turn. This was a starting point. I rotated the crank by hand a couple revolutions to make sure there was still tension. I then started the bike and let it warm up revving it a few times. It seemed like I could here some occasional chain noise so I stopped the bike and turned the adjuster in about 1/8th of a turn. Then started again and had no noise at all. I found a Youtube video for setting the initial tension. The example was done on a R1 but it uses the exact same tensioner and the process is the same. I've read if the tension is too tight you will hear a whine. Here is a link to the video I used:
Hope this helps.