Couple of questions about Rox Risers


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May 22, 2011
Tupelo, MS
Regarding lines - has anyone replaced their lines with braided lines (i.e. Spiegler), and if so: 1) was there more slack than the OE lines; 2) did you notice a performance difference (i.e. better brake response, etc.)?
I can't say if any aftermarket SS braided lines will be longer than OEM. Unlikely, as they use the OEM for a pattern. You will NOT notice a performance difference on this bike with SS braided lines. Or on any other ABS equipped bike. Even if you replaced every line, which would be required instead of just the ones going to the lever/pedal. This is because of the ABS solenoid valve. It has to have some 'give' in order to function. Even with all braided lines, you'll still feel that 'give' in the ABS system and it will never have the rock solid feel of a non-abs bike with braided lines.

I have replaced the lower lines with braided in the past, eliminating the cross over line and having two separate lines, one to each caliper, from the junction at the hard line under the triple trees. I did this to eliminate the cross over line and raise the fender. No change in feel at the lever.
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