1. Morgan

    Sargent Seat

    I have a lightly used Sargent Seat for sale. I am happy to ship to both the US and the UK Prices include shipping. US - $350 UK - £290
  2. BrotherWolf

    SOLD Corbin custom comfort saddle in Austin, TX

    Custom Corbin seat. Bought several aftermarket seats and tried them all before keeping this as my favorite & the most comfortable. Good condition. $225 Available to be picked up locally or shipped within the United States at buyer’s expense. Primary seat only; no pillion extension.
  3. BrotherWolf

    SOLD Sargeant Seat / Saddle - like new

    Local pickup in central Texas or I can ship to you. Larger images:
  4. shift_enter

    Sit&Fly seat cover + 1,300 miles in 4 days = ZERO saddle soreness

    I was looking at spending several hundred dollars on a new seat. After I leveled the seat out, by changing the rubber grommets as found on this forum, and put on this sit & fly seat cover I have no saddle soreness from a 4 day trip. it looked weird at first, and the thing doesn't hold water like...
  5. T

    (SOLD) Sargent Riders Seat for 2012

    Greetings- I've been meaning to post this for a while (a year and a half!). Its a riders only - no passenger seat. I purchased the seat in September 2018. I might have put 600 miles on the seat (its probably not even broken in). I traded my 2012 Super Tenere in for a different bike in...
  6. catlanta

    Corbin Seat for 2013 Tenere

    Put the stock seat back on the bike when I sold it, so still have the Corbin Seat I would like to sell. $150 and I will pay shipping in the lower 48. You will need the original metal connector from the original seat to attach to this one.
  7. Sandford6016

    Touratech Seat Help Please!

    Hi all, I’ve just got a Touratech Standard seat from eBay and I cannot make it fit at all! I have transferred the rubbers over from stock seat into the exact same positions and I just cannot get it to fit. After a lot of effort I can make it go 1 click into the front locking mechanism but it...