1. MileageMonster

    Please your educated opinion on ECU with original exhaust and headers….

    Dear experts and experienced fellow S10’ers… Does it make any sense to get my ECU flashed and still keep the original headers and exhaust?… Could not find conclusive info or advise in the forum (or I am not much of a rearcher, for which I apologise) Thanks in advance… MileageMonster…
  2. M

    Anthony Re-Flash Done, Full Arrow Exhaust Purchased; What Next?

    I had my 2016 ST (with 5,600 miles) re-flashed by Anthony recently. It was all that everyone said it would be -- great, and I really love the bike now. That was the best bang for the buck I have ever gotten for one of my motorcycles. When I had Anthony do the re-flash, I told him that I had...
  3. Kyle S

    ‘14 Ténéré ECU flash

    Looking for some input/advice on getting the ECU flashed on my ‘14 Ténéré. I’m from the Kitchener area (Ontario) and curious if anyone on here knows shops around here to get it done. Or Canadian companies I can ship to for a flash ? Also any input on flash options would be appreciated.