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    What do we now think of the bike

    I took my 2019 to the Cherohala Skyway and also did 50 or so miles on gravel forest roads in the mountains of the Cherokee National Forest. It did really well on gravel. Not as good as my WR250R, but good. One of the photo groups got some decent photos of me. The next day I took the family in...
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    Heated gear for a Super Tenere

    For doing 65mph on the ST with handguards and grip warmers, winter gloves worked pretty well. My mesh pants left a lot to be desired, but the ST shields them a lot better than the WR250R. The Carhart thermals were really nice. I've been using synthetic long underwear for winter hiking and...
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    Heated gear for a Super Tenere

    I did 100 miles over the weekend playing phototag on the Super Tenere. My two piece waterproof warm suit had a zipper come apart when leaving, so I put on my mesh outfit over my clothes and Carhart long underwear. It wasn't too bad until the temp got down near 50. I put the Gerbing jacket on...
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    What do we now think of the bike

    I played some phototag and put around 100 miles on the bike yesterday. I was quickly reminded last night that the sharp cutoff on the headlights really sucks on tight sweepers. You can't see $hit. The bike ran great, though.
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    Heated gear for a Super Tenere

    I'm getting lots of recommendations for Gerbing on other sites from motorcycle cops and riders who have had their stuff last for 5+ years with no problems. I figured you all here would know what works best for a Super Tenere. I think I'll measure myself and order a jacket first. Thanks for...
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    Heated gear for a Super Tenere

    I'm looking to spend some money on heated gear, so I can get more miles in on my Super Tenere this winter. Cycle Gear has been bombarding me with their ads on their Hotwired brand gear: Jacket Gloves Pants Reviews I read say jackets and gloves are the most important, but that wasn't bike...
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    Welding gloves

    I typically wear full gauntlet gloves. I've been using a pair of icon merc gloves for years.
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    Anyone else Motorcycle only year round.

    My bad, it must be a 300 Versys. The stickers are difficult to read.
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    I thought this was a great picture ! WOW

    I go to two BMW rallies a year full of GS1200s. The motor makes them wide, no doubt. I usually take my WR250R to make the ADV rides easier. I just got the ST this summer, so I'll probably start taking it to the asphault friendly rally. I imagine I'll keep taking the WR to the dual sport rally.
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    Anyone else Motorcycle only year round.

    I know a young lady who rides a 350 kawasaki to work everyday. She has a bicycle otherwise. She rides to ADV rallies where I see her twice a year, but she doesn't go on rides. She pretty much only uses the bike for commuting and not fun. Me, I only ride for fun. I used to ride to work on...
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    Rushing, tire plugs, and TPMS vs Mitas E07 failure

    I put the amazon special valve stem cap TPMS on my 2019 ST after reading about it here. It works well for my basic riding. The temp readings really let you know how much work the back tire does pushing down the highway.
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    Newbie mistake

    I still haven't dropped a street bike. I get all of that out of my system on the WR250R in the woods. :D
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    GIVI S310 lights

    You can buy an electrical connector for the aux plug near the battery. I bought a set, but haven't installed it yet. Someone else will have to chime in if there's a euro difference.
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    Tenere Scared me the other day!

    To the best of my dated knowledge, fuel injected motors do shut off injectors at closed throttle above a certain rpm due to emissions regulations. The Yamaha FZ1 2nd gen with fuel injection had this issue which could cause a lurch when rolling back into the throttle and the injectors start...
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    Anyone know if the 2020 will be updated?

    My 2009 FZ1 had the two tone paint like my 2019 ST. It does look like an older car with mismatched fenders or hoods. It's definitely not my first choice, but I've never considered color when buying a bike. I prefer not to stand out too much, though.