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    Riding gear

    call me and we can talk. The Tourmaster is very water resistant. The Fieldsheer jacket has a water proof liner that is removable easily and I used to wear it over the outside jacket
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    Riding gear

    Hey ladies and gentlemen, my doctor has told me I can no longer ride. Motorcycle and helmets are all gone along with all pieces and parts from my 2012 and 2014 Tenere. What is left is riding gear because I waited until the nightmare has run its full course. The dream has ended... over 50...
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    2009 Suzuki DL 1000 for Sale

    Bump! He has dropped the price to $3100 OBO....
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    *****SOLD*****Suzuki DR650 in Colorado

    I have another friend in the Littleton area who is selling a very clean Suzuki DR650. Year 2008 Make: Suzuki Model: DR650SE Miles: 6,600 Seat is aftermarket made by Sargent (I still have the stock seat included) The cargo rack is a Pro Moto Billet Cargo Rack (Two mesh bungees included) 2.5 inch...
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    BMW Fork/stanchion tube failures

    Re: Stop Sale Issued | BMW R1200GS What's new... nothing but recalls......
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    2009 Suzuki DL 1000 for Sale

    I have a friend who has a 2009 Suzuki DL 1000 for SALE. I am helping him sell his bike since he had some health issues. He is asking $3,500.00 at this time but will entertain offers. This is a very neat and clean bike if someone is looking for an extra bike that is in Excellent shape. I have...
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    New Owner from Madison

    Congrats on the new bike and welcome to the Forum, Spent a large bit of time freezing my buns off at Volk Field....
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    Freaking new guy

    ::004:: from Oklahoma
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    Looking for long lines

    Check with Tabasco. jaxon has those items.
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    Demo Models

    It might be that the owner was riding them under the dealer tag for a time period. That is not all bad since you know the maintenance was taken care of at the proper intervals. I would call, you might find a great deal waiting there. The numbers are retail so deal, deal, deal.....
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    Side window deflectors / winglets

    Are you running the Gen 1 winglets on the Gen 2.. ?
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    Side window deflectors / winglets

    I had them on my Gen 1 2012 and on my Gen 2 2014. They are the first thing I added to both. They are that good.
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    SOLD! For Sale: 2014 Super Tenere ES Loaded out....

    Yes there is... I went out and bought a new truck... My wife said the math didn't work. 50k 4X4 truck compared to a 12k bike.... I think the math worked just fine. LOL I will still be around if anyone needs anything and just wants to have a cup of coffee.... Kevin
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    SOLD! For Sale: 2014 Super Tenere ES Loaded out....

    Hey everyone. I sold it last nigh along with all of my extra farkles. Thanks for all of the interest from everyone. I guess I will ride off into the sunset, just not on 2 wheels.
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    SOLD! For Sale: 2014 Super Tenere ES Loaded out....

    Re: For Sale: 2014 Super Tenere ES Loaded out.... Bump..... I really need to move this quick ... price for you all is $11,900 with all of the goodies.