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Sorry, should not have started the e-mail with "Hey". Meant to say, I saw you were disappointed in missing out on a saddleman seat. I did just list one if there is interest.
If you are into doing a Tenere flash, may take you up on your offer? I'm in Perth and have a 2020
Cheers Terry
Hello Patrick - I am looking for a rear pannier rack. I have soft luggage but they touch the muffler.
My apologies I thought you were looking for a rear case not a rack. I don’t have an extra rack I have some extra cases
Hi Sir,
Do u have map for yoshimura st3 slip on with stock filter?
if not where to find it
Thank you
Hey Steve. what's new with you? bought a 2014 s10 for a second bike last October and having some fun with it. I was looking around on the forum and saw one of your remarks and knew that it was probably you. 8 years 200K miles.
I sent you a message Rus
Hi, I am interested in your S-10.
Please call or text when you have time.
Thanks, Gary 303-715-8435
Hey Mark, I been having fun building an RC track in our basement and wanted to share it with you. Bev filmed and I posted a video at the end of my blog post. I hope you are not too bored by it!! LOL
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Ken, that is pretty neat. I just recently bought a used R/C. My boys are into them.
Hey RaginTxn. Was reading your old post on lowering and where you mentioned pull back on your bars. I just bought a '15 S10 and I need the same. Lower seat by a bit (30" inseam) and bars back by 1-2". Did you solve the bars issue?
Your harmonizer. I would like to buy this from you for $250. If you agree, please reply with your Paypal address so I can send you the money ASAP as "friend".

Hi guys. I live and ride in South Africa. I have gained so much insight and many tips on fixing problems on my bike from this forum that I thought it was about tome to join. And maybe, share some of the success I’ve had with certain issues that the Super 10 encounters.
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Welcome aboard
You live in one of my favorite cities in the world. Great bike to be in SA.
New member from Seacoast New Hampshire, got lucky on a (barely) used ST and love it! Planning a Newfoundland trip for June 2022 and had been looking for an adventure bike. Enjoying getting to know the bike on rides around NH and Maine.