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  • Hi Anthony-
    I have a '18 S10 seems to run well but w/terrible gas mileage, anemic T mode. Bike has an Akrapovic can w/Arrow headers on order. Would like to see what a reflash could do.
    Do you have a phone #? thanks. sbsmith868@gmail.com
    You can use Spritmonitor app on your phone, does not change mileage, but gives you a very good feedback on circumstances in relation to mileage. 1up, 2up, luggage, lots of headwind, tyre-state etc etc. Use it on both cars and (previous) motorcycles. Super-app!!
    Hello Anthony, looks like your a really popular guy. I'm wanting a ECU FLASH on my 2015 es model, I was going to remove the cat and modify my stock muffler. If your still doing this please let me know. Thank you for your time! 1evoltwin@gmail.com If there is a number I can contact you at please let me know.
    Hello Anthony, I am considering an Ecu flash. I have a 2015 Super Tenere Es with an Acropovic exhaust. Do you still do this and what would I expect in performance gains? Also cost?


    Garth Hobden
    Anthony, are you still doing Ecu reflashes? Interested in getting it done on my 2015 Tenere Es. If not, I will contact someone else, but would prefer to have you do it.
    Hello Anthony, I've got a 2013 S10, I have the ECU pulled and would like to send it to you. Contact me at deak4747a@hotmail.com It has a slip on muffler but is stock otherwise, I think I would like to get rid of that CAT. Thanks. Name is Mike
    I have a 14 non es that I suspect is running pretty lean bc it will detonate sometimes. Wondering if a flash will fix that and if you're still doing them. Thanks

    Email is fjw1495@gmail.com
    Does it detonate constantly. Mine detonated a few times 5 years ago. I think it was bad gas. After I filled up. It has never done it again
    Hey Anthony, I am interested in getting the ECU for my 2014 S10 reflashed, would you be able to message me the details around how I can get it done, pricing etc.
    Hi Anthony, have a bone stock 2018 ST which needs flashing, Unrestricted 1st to 3rd gears and eliminate the twitchy throttle and hard engine braking . Email is slowphil47@gmail.com. Thanks
    Hello Anthony, I was wondering if you are still doing the reflashes for the ST? I have a 2016 non ES model that I would like to have done. My email is jeff.prosser@sbcglobal.net Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you, Jeff
    Hello Anthony, I have a 2013 Super Tenere that i am wanting to have flashed. Unrestricted 1-3rd gears and git rid of the twitchy throttleand hard engine braking is what im looking for also. Are you still doing this? If so, please email me at dhoffman963@gmail.com Thanks! David
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