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  • I have a 14 non es that I suspect is running pretty lean bc it will detonate sometimes. Wondering if a flash will fix that and if you're still doing them. Thanks

    Email is fjw1495@gmail.com
    Does it detonate constantly. Mine detonated a few times 5 years ago. I think it was bad gas. After I filled up. It has never done it again
    Hey Anthony, I am interested in getting the ECU for my 2014 S10 reflashed, would you be able to message me the details around how I can get it done, pricing etc.
    Hi Anthony, have a bone stock 2018 ST which needs flashing, Unrestricted 1st to 3rd gears and eliminate the twitchy throttle and hard engine braking . Email is slowphil47@gmail.com. Thanks
    Hello Anthony, I was wondering if you are still doing the reflashes for the ST? I have a 2016 non ES model that I would like to have done. My email is jeff.prosser@sbcglobal.net Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you, Jeff
    Hello Anthony, I have a 2013 Super Tenere that i am wanting to have flashed. Unrestricted 1-3rd gears and git rid of the twitchy throttleand hard engine braking is what im looking for also. Are you still doing this? If so, please email me at dhoffman963@gmail.com Thanks! David
    Hi Anthony, I have a 2015 xt1200z and I love it but I cant stand the twitchy throttle response and heavy engine braking. After doing some research I was glad to read I wasn't alone and it seems like you are the person to contact. Can you please send me a email at Tgoldbin84@yahoo.com I would love to see what I need to do to have you work your magic to make my bike even more enjoyable than it already is. Thank you!

    I live outside of Albany, New York. Is it possible to come to you and have you remove the box and update it on my 2014 es?
    Mr. Pete----->
    aging hippie
    Cheers Anthony,
    I just acquired an s10 and looking into getting it flashed. If you could send me an email at s7ukam@gmail.com to discuss that would be great. Thanks, Felix
    Also interested in flash, any response back from Anthony , Bob in SC,NY
    Hey, Anthony, Gary here in Rockwall, TX. I have a 2018 non-ES bone stock Tenere. I am NOT happy with the way it runs, especially taking off from a stop and low RPM maneuvers. I am willing to make necessary changes to the bike to make it run better. If you have exhaust, slip-on, air filter, etc. recommendations, I would like to hear them and be willing to make them. garyrgrant2015@gmail.com
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