Welding gloves

Nov 15, 2012
Fullerton, CA
I'm currently wearing Racer Grip gloves for 90% of my street riding. I always keep a lightweight pair of moto gloves to swap out when I hit the dirt. As good as my Grip gloves are, I still prefer the full on Moto GP with bonded pinkie and ring finger style. My last set of Racer High Speed Gloves lasted me almost 10 years. Never washed once. Might have lasted longer if I had washed them once a season.

I swear by the brand. They all fit true to size:

I was at the motorcycle show last year and came very close to getting a pair of these. I just could not afford them at the time. The sizing is really strange. You have to try them on at the motorcycle show to get proper fit. I have not seen of felt a more comfortable/safer glove than these in my life
He is a custom leather guy and I will be getting a pair someday......

Held Steve gloves are my favorites, they are excellent for riding in the rain, equipped excellent faceshield wiper on forefinger and getting them wet doesn’t have much effect on the leather.
i usually carry three different pair of gloves but Held Steve is what usually gets used the most.
Those are another fantastic brand!
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