Road trips leaving from Edmonton this year.

Jan 16, 2017
Alberta, Canada
Hey All. Just throwing this out there. I got 2 Road trips planned this year.
Heres the details for the first one.

Leaving from Edmonton Alberta July 14 or 15th. Doing a loop. It will be over the week of the 15th to 23rd. Heres the route

I have places to stay myself on this trip. But all is welcome to come.

My next trip will be ONE WAY. I will be leaving from Edmonton and going to our other house just north of Phoenix, AZ. This one I will be camping 2 nights and hotel 1 night. Again all are welcome just keep in mind its all one way. My route has the beartooth highway in it as well as monument valley and valley of the gods. Here is this route.

If anyone is interested I will be leaving for Phoenix September 1st and the beartooth highway will be kind of a last minute route thing as it could have snow up there at that time of year so would have to check the weather when camping in Southern Montana.

Thanks and maybe some one will tag along for one of them.
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