Rear brakes rubbing sound / feel


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Aug 10, 2014
Bedford, UK
That's plain cruel to the driveshaft - best not repeated.

I had something similar when the local dealer spooned on a new set of tyres on my FJR. The S10 is a similar setup, but with the caliper sitting above rather than below the rear axle. As I applied the rear brake, it was making a strange grinding sound.

At first I thought a pad had been replaced the wrong way round, back facing the disc. However the dealer insisted it was the pad support clips that were somehow touching the disc when the brake was applied.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to oversee the work personally so whether I was being given a dose of BS I know not - all I can say is the issue was sorted in their workshop in less than one minute flat, so it was certainly something pretty simple & caliper related, as the washer/spacers/caliper support were definitely set correctly.