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May 15, 2019
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I've been looking hard at ADV style helmets with bills (visors/peaks), but don't have a lot of bills to spend on one. I've gotten tired of the sun being in my eyes. I want good field of vision, face shield (NOT goggles), internal retractable sun shield, pretty good ventilation, and a bill.

About the time that I figured out that I really liked the LS2 Pioneer helmets, everyone was out of the size and/or color that I needed/wanted. They look to be a terrific value and quality for their price point, and are made in Spain. So I patiently waited for the 2020 models of LS2's to be shipped to dealers. I got on LS2's website and saw that the latest iteration of the Pioneer was to be the Pioneer EVO. It has some tweaks that make it a good upgrade from last year's model.

Alas, however, no Pioneer EVO's were showing up in the US. Drat... But then a model called the Blaze started showing up that, in pictures, looked just like the EVO. I called LS2's US distributor and asked if the Blaze was the same helmet as the Pioneer EVO being sold in Europe. He verified that, YES, the US Blaze model is the exact same helmet as the European Pioneer EVO. He also verified that the helmet internal shape and fit is what LS2 classifies as "long oval", but that he personally felt it was between long oval and intermediate oval and could be tweaked either way.

I called Revzilla and they are receiving the Blaze helmet now and say they really are a terrific value and great fit & finish for that price point (about 150 bucks).

And I have NO connection with the company or their vendors.
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Oct 12, 2019
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Nice little review on YouTube on the Blaze helmet.Look under DirtNap on YouTube.I'll be in the market this ride season for anew helmet also.This looks to be a good value at $150.


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May 22, 2011
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I've been wearing LS2 helmets since about 2011 and ~200k miles. Current one is a Vortex carbon modular. My post on it HERE.

I've been pleased with the fit and function of LS2 helmets and the prices are very reasonable. Especially for oval head riders, they offer many options. The only LS2 helmet I didn't like was the first Gen Metro modular, which had air vents in the front that made it very loud. Too loud to use bike to bike comm with at highway speeds.