Hyperpro progressive springs :: 1st impression


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Oct 28, 2017
Sintra, Portugal
Hi all,
I’ve just wanted to share that two weeks ago I’ve replaced the original springs (front+rear) by the progressive Hyperpro springs. Initially I thought on change by a Gen2 but then decided to keep my S10 2010 model and upgrade the suspension.
I’ve did that because I several years ago I made a similar change on a Honda Varadero and enjoyed the result. The main reason for change was the same: don’t like the behavior when riding duo as the motorcycle dives and you feel a lot the extra weight.

Today I’ve just tested with my wife and the evaluation was very good. From my side its easier to drive and on her side its apparently more comfortably on road bumps (better absorption of the shock).

Curious that the original fork spring from the ST are also progressive. After the exchange, I even called the dealer just to make sure that they really changes the front springs..



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Aug 23, 2017
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
I have never been a fan of progressive fork springs. A straight rate spring of the proper rate has always been more preferable for me.
I was personally very unhappy with the stock stuff. New springs last winter really transformed the front end ride and feel.

Everyone likes something different, good to hear you are happy with the result. Much cheaper than a new bike for sure:)