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Mar 7, 2011
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A member asked about the ability to restrict a search to newer posts, since the forum does go back to 2011-2012. After close to 10 years of nearly the same bike, most of the bike related questions have been answered more than once. While the Xenforo forum software in the background won't filter like that, Google will, so here's how:

Start off with a Google search on whatever you want to find and start it with the website like this:

When the Google page lists all the threads, go in the upper right to "Tools" and click it.
Click on the "Any Time" option which will show up to the left.
Pick your time frame. Try for the last month and if there are not the answers you want, click Any Time again, then select a year.

This will work for nearly any website and any Google search you can think of. For example, with Hurricane Dorian coming up the coast, if you want to know the most recent items about it potentially hitting the Carolinas, just search on the words Hurricane Doria Carolina (no website), click Tools, click Any Time, and click Past Hour.

Happy Googling


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May 22, 2011
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The described method is for searching for specific things of interest, not just what's new on the forum. Like wanting the most recent info on CCT replacement, for example. 2014 info is not as helpful as 2017 info. Or CCT discussions in the last few months would be even better.
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