Helmet Holder


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Dec 21, 2015
So... I was putting some order in the storage and I wanted to hang the helmets (they were stored at the top case of the bike when not using them).
But the holders that I found online they are pretty thin and definitely will damage or at least mark the interior protection of the helmet so I found a 3d Print design for helmet holder and did minimal modifications and I print them.

I did 2 designs, the Large and the Small. Both will work, I personally think the large will protect the helmet a little more than the small, but the small will look better when the helmet is not in place.

If anyone is interested on them, please let me know. As the caps, I use paypal, will ship fast.

Hanger will include screws to mount on drywall/concrete/wood. I can print them in almost ANY color. But I think will be most in black or white to match the wall color. Will take one or two more days for other colors, but same price.

They are 18 U$ each, for more than one, will be discount since shipping will be lower, etc
I will give special discount for people that already bought the caps from me :)

You can contact me here at the forum, or by email at deftoner@protonmail.com

Pictures in Black design:

If I can help you with anything, like always, just let me know! :)
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