Hello from central Texas!

Oct 8, 2018
DFW, Texas
...just bought a 2012 blue in color Super Tenere with 6500 miles.
Hey there... Welcome from another "newbie" to the Super Tenere forums. Also from Texas here... DFW area. I agree that we had our share of rain. Still coming in spurts here and there but it's shaping up to be a nice fall, which is Texas' best riding season IMO. :)

Also ride with Two Wheel Texan's as well... in fact, just did a ride with Cycadelic Relic from above... even got a cool sticker from him. :)

I just bought a 2013 and I thought it had low miles at 14,000... but your's seems like a pretty good deal for a 2012 with only 6500. That's practically new! :)

Welcome aboard... and I hope you've gotten some riding in with the rain subsiding.

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