Error code 012 - easy fix.

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Mar 11, 2011
Today I went to the garage to adjust the headlight. To turn the headlight on, I needed to start the engine.

When I hit the button the engine didn't crank and error code 012 was displayed on the dash (first time for my 2015 with 106.000 km on the clock to throw an error code).

Quickly learned that error code 012 indicate "crankshaft position sensor" - but then I stumbled across this thread on UKGSer:
A user called "boxer" post the following:

"Just in case anyone else needs the info in the future...........

Even though a 012 [crankshaft position sensor], error code was displayed the problem was the terminal on the wire which goes to the starter from the starter relay was slightly loose. You can see some burning around the bolt flange.

Relay part number: 4YR819400200 [RC19-018]."


It turned out that the terminal was slightly loose on my bike as well - probably a result of me fiddling with the wire, when I replaced the battery a few days ago.

When I had cleaned the terminal and tightened it properly the error code was gone, and the engine started as it should.
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Jul 1, 2017
I seems to remember someone postet this problem before, but that was on a brand new S10.
And I for sure remember that I did control these wire on mine, after reading about it here.
Nice and quick troubleshooting:)


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Jan 31, 2014
Cambridge, Ontario Canada
I had a starting issue pop up a couple of months ago. I would push the start button and nothing happened. I had driven through a bunch of rain the day before and it sat in the rain during the night so I wondered if something got wet. As I tried turning the key off and on and I happened to move the handlebars, it fired right up. Hmmmmm... a broken wire? Bad switch?

Over the next couple of months it happened a few more times but it always started right up eventually. The last couple weeks it happened more often, so I thought I better narrow done what's causing the problem. I didn't notice if the error code came up the first few times it happened, but then I saw error 12 show up.

So, I did a search here and saw this thread. Well, this looks like an easy thing to try and see if it helps. I took the rubber boot off the top lead on the relay and it did look like there was some minor corrosion. I used a fine sand paper to clean the lead and haven't had any starting issues at all. In fact the starter seems to be stronger than before. It must have slowly interfered with the connection and I didn't notice the decline.

All seems to be working well now! For the record, it's a 2013 with 90,000 kms.