Codes after brake flush & ABS cycle


Sep 23, 2018
Melbourne FL & Murphy NC
Reaching out for assistance, did a recent service to get ready for a trip to Big Bend National Park:

Bike is a 2015 Tenere ES with 40k.

Work I did:
1. new tires (F & R)
2. spark plugs
3. air filter
4. oil & coolant change
5. brake & clutch fluid flush

Started bike after the above, all systems good.

Cycled the ABS valve, flushed brakes again. Started bike, the TCS turned off, ABS light on & service light on. Turned bike off, turned to "on" then selected "1" for the TCS. Went for a short ride, TCS turned backed off within 100 feet.

Went to DIAG screen, which showed the following:

09 -12.2
84 - 0
62 - 0 (did a reset of the suspension after seeing the code)
61 - 0

Did not know the codes other than 62, suspect 09 may be a low voltage reading which may be attributed to a hard start, I cranked the starter a bit longer than normal.

Unsure how to clear the codes. If any one can pass along that procedure and what each code above is, that would be great....

All help is appreciated, departing from NC 4/8.


My service manual is at my FL home, I'm in Murphy, NC checking on my cabin.