1. G

    Does anyone know where to get replacement fasteners for the wind screens?

    The rubber on these are dry rotting on my ‘13 Super T and I need to replace them.
  2. C

    SOLD…. V-Stream Windshield

    This is for a 1st Gen Super Tenere. Bought this for my 2018 and learned the hard way that the bolt spacing is different. This is their medium height shield (I believe “sport touring”). This is in very good condition. I paid $75 plus shipping and am asking $75 shipped in the US. I bought the new...
  3. pastorgumby

    NEW! OEM Windshield

    NEW! Yamaha Super Tenere OEM Windshield Original owner put on a tall windshield (also for sale), and I put on a dark one. This has never seen the road! Came off of my 2016 Yamaha Super Tenere ES $50 + shipping USA only. Thanks!
  4. pastorgumby

    Cee Bailey Tall clear windshield 27 1/2"

    Cee Bailey(?) Tall clear windshield 27 1/2" 2016 Yamaha Super Tenere You are looking through this shield, not over it. $50 - plus shipping ~USA. Thanks for looking
  5. T

    Windshield tilts too much

    Just bought a nicely farkled 2012 and can't figure out the windshield bracket. Attaching some pics, and would appreciate anyone's comments about what kind of bracket this is. The main problem is that it's always tilted too far back and I'm getting a lot of wind and noise on my helmet. Thanks...
  6. 2018S10ES

    Riser and windshield options

    i finally got a Super Tenere ES a couple months back. Been wanting one for years and found a used one with a lot of the accessories I planned to buy already installed, but after riding it the last couple months I’ve determined a larger windshield and some risers would definitely help With...