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  1. K

    Greetings from Hungary

    Hi All, My name is Miklós and I live in Hungary. I got my Super Tenere the beginning of 2023 and I simply love it! Believe it or not, but this is my first bike. Despite that I find it very easy to handle and a perfect match for my personality and riding style. One more thing. I messed up...
  2. S

    New member

    Hello just Bought a 2015 Super Tenere so I’m here to learn.
  3. F

    Hi from Novi Sad, Serbia

    Hi, I am Filip from Serbia. New rider, started last year. I drive a Peda Tek 125 and I am looking for a new bike. My favorites are the Yamaha tenere 660, and the Kawasaki klr 650.
  4. L

    Hello From Tucson AZ

    Hello guys, new owner of a 2012 Super Tenere here! I'm originally from Colombia, I'm 31 years old, and have been riding for almost 20 years, most of which has been on small displacement bikes (50cc -150cc). And I currently own a 2021 Versys 650 Yesterday I brought home a beautiful 2012...
  5. R

    New Tenere owner!

    Just picked up my SuperTen with 58k miles a couple days ago for $4500 USD came with Jesse Luggage, heated seat and grips, a skid plate and a couple other extras Ive been riding Vstroms for the past couple years but this was a deal I just couldn't pass up. once I got her home I fed her the...
  6. P

    New PNW Rider

    Howdy. Name is David and I live in Oregon, USA. I just picked up my Super Tenere a month ago and am in love. I have been cruising around everyday. Mostly looking for a place to learn and discuss about the bike. Not a bike expert whatsoever, so it's nice to have a forum to read up on. Open to...
  7. C

    new member

    Hi. I introduce myself, they call me Arsalan, I am from New York, Apparently, like everyone else here, I signed up to exchange and share with the members of the forum
  8. Z

    Hello! Houston

    Hi. everyone I introduce myself, they call me zeeshan, I am from Houston
  9. Avalanche123

    New Membet

    I was lurking before I bought a new S10 yesterday. It’s everything my 2015 HD Road Glide wasn’t. Super responsive, light, comfy as stock, heated grips, electronic suspension, ABS, goes off road, better wind protection (I was shocked), better fuel mileage. Stock set up is surprisingly good. Half...