hard start

  1. sergeyd

    Hard start and shutting down after 10-20 sec.

    Sorry for creating new topic. Problem simse to be somewhere else so I want to see if someone else had this issue. 2012 Tenere 1200. 43 000 miles Bike starts pretty hard, from second or third time. Run for 10-20 sec and than shutting down. It happened on the way home. Took me like half an hour...
  2. sergeyd

    Hard start issue.

    I'm having an issue when starting the engine. Half of the time it woun't start. Sometimes I have to perform hard start procedure from this topic https://www.yamahasupertenere.com/index.php?threads/hard-start.2149/page-33 Recently I changed - sparkplugs - filter - cleaned throttle body...