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    New to Tenere and to this forum

    Welcome from southern Ohio......
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    Returning die-hard

    Hey there Spklbuk, glad to hear your still chasing the Toms and you still have the S10. I agree with the concept of a lighter ride but just can't justify it now. So I'll hang onto what I have. Good luck with the Gobblers, they can be a challenge.
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    Glaciers and Deserts and meeting great people

    This has been great, I've not ridden much this year and this brings back a lot of memories (which I need). Thank you for taking the time to do the report and sharing.
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    Rethinking preconceived notions...BMW F 750 GS

    Hey DD, The old guy here...... or the canary. Remember who is to be happy. You or DM. :rolleyes: Keep it simple for both of you. The best on your problem solving.
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    Trip to Mosel Valley and Black Forest in Germany

    Enjoyed the report and photos..... thanks for sharing
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    New To Motorcycling & New to Super Tenere

    Welcome from Southern Ohio. Enjoy that new ride:)
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    Enjoyed your ride report...... Thanks for taking the time to do one......
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    Tenere and an American idiot go to Nova Scotia

    Yep....for sure with some things, some would say all things.
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    Tenere and an American idiot go to Nova Scotia

    Great ride report..... very enjoyable. I think you were talking about my actions when preparing for a trip. :D
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    Romney Camp N Ride - Retired

    I guess it is true: All good things do come to and end. Some quicker than others. Thanks to the folks at Romney Cycle, Jon and Bob for the work you did to make the past CnR's great events.
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    New owner of a '16 ES and a long time member

    Welcome from the state to the south..... Enjoy the ride.
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    Poll for 2019 Romney Camp N Ride event

    My suggestion would be 5/31 to 6/2
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    Gen 1 new recall

    Received my recall notice today!
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    A Month Long Ride

    Enjoyed your RR..... Thanks for sharing.
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    New Look for this Forum