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    Tenere rider in trouble

    If it was truly diesel, then I suspect the Lambda/O2 sensor has been damaged, as will the cat. Various ideas abound on the internet, but I reckon the 'Italian tune-up' is the way to go at this stage. Yes, run some Techron or similar through the system, then a good long hard run, using the full...
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    Headlight problem

    Sorry - before getting down & dirty exploring the possibilities, drop the bulbs out & replace with new. These things have a habit of blowing bulbs together, as others mention. Make sure the bulbs are fitted correctly & you don't have a water/condensation issue going on behind the bulb caps...
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    Newbie from Oklahoma

    Welcome along, from Bedfordshire UK. Anyone who thought that abandoned WS Kelly store front looks like a film set, it's probably because it was ....... they used it in the Rain Man. .............
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    Vin no

    The paint code label is usually under the seat somewhere on most bikes these days. If you run your vin number through a Yamaha parts website it will tell you all you need to know. VIN JYA/DP011000002421 = model year 2011 = model code 23P8 Paint Codes - 3 quoted for these launch/first edition...
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    Hello from the uk

    Welcome along, from Bedfordshire. Anything to do with Dougs Cycles in Studley Warcs?
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    engine problems xt 1200ze 2014

    All those plugs & coils have had a muddy bath. First off, I would replace all the plugs, just because it would eliminate them from the fault find at low cost. Watch out for fakes BTW. Secondly, the coil sticks look in bad shape - can you recall those resistance readings? The problem is they...
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    engine problems xt 1200ze 2014

    Have you checked for codes - available through the dash on a 2014.
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    Hello from The Netherlands

    Welcome along, from Bedfordshire UK.
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    Hi, new S10 owner in UK

    An old 750 Ten I suspect. Welcome along anyway, from a dull, petrol/diesel free Bedfordshire. How did that happen?
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    2016 tenere surging below 55 mph

    Sounds very much like water intrusion past the coil sticks - hopefully salvageable, but treat them gently, they don't come cheap.
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    2016 tenere surging below 55 mph

    Have you checked for codes - available through the dash on a 2016? You don't mention mileage or service history, so I am wondering whether this is a recent thing, or has it crept up on you gradually. Knowing the bike's spec & what work was done at last service & when often gives us a steer...
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    Sporadic Start Failure ( NOT "hard-start" issue....)

    Can we take it that no codes are registered currently? I see your battery voltage dips down to 11volts, maybe less in the moment, when you hit the starter, which could be where the problem lies. Can I suggest you have the battery tested for CCA capacity. IIRC, the 14S should produce 230CCA...
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    New member from The Netherlands

    Welcome aboard, from Bedfordshire UK. Try & stretch to the Gen2 if you can.
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    Sporadic Start Failure ( NOT "hard-start" issue....)

    A lot of work appears to have been undertaken recently. Was the problem evident beforehand? Have you checked for codes? My initial reaction was poor fuel pressure, but it may be a sensor connection., given the recent service work. It could even be the caps on the TB have perished; this...
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    Old Girl Friends

    They used half a Honda Jazz car engine IIRC, so it's a very different experience - use the torque, don't go looking for power up the rev range.