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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Replaced my tires with K60 Scouts with my no-mar tire changer. As I have a wimpy air compressor, this saved my life -> to get the bead to set. First time with the wheels off, will be far faster next time. :)
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    Front wheel with no-mar tire changer, remove one of the rotors?

    I also have the Pro version (just set it up). Thanks for response.
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    Front wheel with no-mar tire changer, remove one of the rotors?

    For those with a no-mar tire changer, did you remove one of the rotors from the front wheel or no problems with both rotors still on when changing the tire? Thanks...
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    Tires, Recommendations Anyone?

    I got mine from with free shipping and a little off from my next purchase.
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Mounted my Jesse 9" Safari II luggage. Video with them mounted and off.
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    Sorry guys, traded in my Super Tenere for a GSA...

    April fools!!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
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    DIY Seat Gel Pad Installation

    Ordered a Gel Pad kit off ebay, read the instructions and watched a good youtube video. Appears pretty easy. Looked the ST10 seat and simple staples. That said, has anyone removed their seat cover? Wondering if also glued down or just the staples holding it? (Or any other useful...
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    Brake level slack?

    On my Super Tenere, the end of the front brake lever has about 1" movement for full braking (and about 1/2 inch before braking begins). I did an initial bleed, but that didn't help. Before I do a more aggressive bleed, how is the front brake level movement for others? As I have multiple...
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    Bend Wheels

    I'm pretty sure you could buff that out.... ;D ;D ;D
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    Bend Wheels

    Yep, it was next to the tire/rim boundary. No where near the hub.
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    Bend Wheels

    If the rim is bent, there are places that can fix them. Check with your local motorcycle shop. For example: -> ACU-TRU® Bent Wheel Repair I put a strong magnetic next to my rim and there is a small attraction. Some sort of alloy? I think the rims are something like $300 or so to...
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    The Motorcycle season is over - boo hoo

    In the Seattle, WA area, about two or three weeks out of the year I can't ride (due to ice). Assuming I stay out of the mountains that is.
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    Re: Very hard starting today I believe that is the most useful statement I've read all week on the Internet. (I'm planning to install a fuze block soon).
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    GIVI crash bars

    Installed my Givi crash bars and I would highly recommend them. Took my time, followed the instructions and no problems. Everything fit, zero requirement to bend/force anything. Did need to run out and buy a breaker bar for the engine bolts.
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    Interesting Videos

    Thread for interesting videos... A Super Tenere playing at the beach Yamaha XT 1200Z in action!!!