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    treating the T7 like a trials bike

    Here's the full video. Absolutely mind blowing
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    Show me your bike loaded with tent camping gear

    I'm the same way, can't start my day without a shower. The modern microfiber travel towels dry super quick. I'll let it hang on the bike after my shower while I pack up in the morning which takes 20-30 minutes. Good to go the next day.
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    So...what other bikes do you own?

    Weird, never knew they had Timmies in Russia ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    2015 ST New to me

    Welcome aboard matte grey brother! :)
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    Anybody have a rear brake caliber for sale?

    No chance to rebuild it with a new piston and seals? These calipers are expensive, even used.
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    What is this black box, and this broken wire?

    Pretty sure the box is the computer for the electronic suspension
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    Wind Deflector

    Here are the OEM ones, should be able to order from any Yamaha dealerénéré-side-wind-deflectors?b=Adventure+Touring+Accessories&d=44&f=2020|196&ls=yamaha-motor-company&dealernumber=
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    diagnostics and codes...

    Code 14 relates to the intake air pressure sensor. Probably just a random error. I would clear it and see if it comes back.
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    Let me add something else that has not been mentioned yet, the intake air pressure (MAP) sensor. My S10 didn’t want to start up after it’s winter sleep. Threw in a new set of plugs and an air filter and it started after a bunch of cranking. Still hiccuped a bit on every startup, but it did...
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    Freezing of posts

    Damn, now I'm really curious about the drama that started this. Good call!
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    Covid test

    Had it done a month or two ago. It sucked, but not the end of the world. Similar feeling to pulling out the worst nose hair.
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    Help me choose!

    If you're convinced you don't need or want the specific upgrades of the Gen 2 such as the available ES suspension, cruise control, integrated heated grips, better gauges, then get a Gen 1. Around here, Gen 1's are significantly cheaper than Gen 2's and stay on the market forever. Gen 2's go near...
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Wow, that's a crazy difference. How many miles?
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    Super Tenere - Model Year Changes

    Fantastic post! Might be regional, but in Canada you could get the 2015 Matte Silver in ES trim.
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    So...what other bikes do you own?

    Used to own an FZ1, miss the power some days, but the Tenere is a much better bike for touring.