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    A day around the Elan Valley

    That 660 is so much lighter than all our 1200's, you wouldn't complain about weight after lifting one of ours a few times.
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    will radiator be ok for a 1 hr ride without the bottom oem crash bar support

    LOL, I took mine to a top tier tech for my valve check, he swore off Ténéré forever and always afterwards.
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    SOLD: Eibach Spring w/ RaceTech spacers for Super Tenere rear shock, 900 lb/in - $65 Shipped

    The 900 pounder is what I've got in my '12. I'm close to 300#, it works great.
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    The anything thread.

    That's pretty damned deep.
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    The anything thread.

    Looks like something Dr.Who would come up with. If he times the stroke right he'll have reverse too.
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    Auto Chain Tensioner

    Ok, 57000 miles. The 2014 already has an updated tensioner. Do you know if the previous owner had the valves checked on time? On the next valve service would be a good point to replace the the tensioner as a maintenance item, either manual or the newest auto. Do you have a recording of the...
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    Throttle twist tension...

    Maybe the previous owner replaced the throttle tube? I've read of others wanting to change how the throttle feels by changing the tube out. Maybe he clipped a coil or two off the throttle return springs on the throttle servo? I've never felt the twitchy throttle on my '12.
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    Headlight problem

    Now then, the fuse absolutely wouldn't be intermittent. Unless you've got serious corrosion problems, and that's not the fuses fault.
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    Auto Chain Tensioner

    First question; what year bike? #2; how many miles? And a point of interest, the chain will last for a couple hundred thousand miles.
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    OEM crash bars: add ons mounts to protect fairings?

    As far as I know Rumbux discontinued all motorcycle parts manufacturing. There used to be an upper hoop made by Yamaha.
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    Oil Filter Protector/Cover?

    A skid pan is really the best way. You could find a plastic or aluminum filter wrench cup, drill and tap a couple set screws to lock it on.
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    I don't come here often, but when I do...

    What brand of noise maker do you have? Somebody might swap.
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    Diff leak

    Buy the weight specified in synthetic, don't worry about the rest.
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    Vin no

    The last four digits are it's place off the production line for that model year. Mine was the 53rd for California's 2012 PDP, picked up in August 2011, after the tsunami delay.
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    Diff leak

    That last picture makes it look like the drain plug is leaking.