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    I cannot figure this out! Huge power dip.

    To be clear, you should NOT make any changes without conferring with your tuner. You need to have your tuner looking over you shoulder when you make ANY changes, because he might need to adjust the tune to keep the engine safe. We're merely offering some suggestions for you and your tuner to...
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    I cannot figure this out! Huge power dip.

    I believe the neutral sensor is located on the right-hand side of the engine, bolted into the engine casing from the rear. It's a pintle-style, not rotational. If your tuner suspects a problem with the switch, you could at least verify its operation with a voltmeter. Seems to me you'd be...
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    I cannot figure this out! Huge power dip.

    Likely. As I said in your first post on the matter, hesitation upon rapid throttle changes is almost always a fueling issue -- it's the first place I'd look, at least. You've identified a specific load/RPM point, which will help your tuner look into it. ...but pressure increases to...
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    Life! (corona virus, non informative, non hysterical post)

    Sierra would be my 1st choice for an additional moderator here. Not because I agree with him on everything (I don't), or that he's perfectly apolitical (he isn't -- who is these days?), but he's a calm mind who expresses humility, is ever-present, and is always in an even, lighthearted mood...
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    muscle bike

    My brother had one for a long time. Great bike. I have the M109R. It's not a Vmax, but it's still a torque monster.
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    Fuel sender

    This is typically caused by the shape of the tank, and the location of the float arm on the fuel pump assembly. When the tank is full, the float arm stays maxed out at the topmost position (because the float is submerged in fuel) until you've burned enough fuel for the float arm to start...
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    Setting up Cardo for Sat Nav Instructions, Phone calls and Music

    Correct, I'm just curious as to *why* it gave you trouble when connecting to both. I'm not a Bluetooth wizard (never liked using it in the past), but surely there exists limitations to the number of connected devices, throughput. Might be some communications problems with too many devices...
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    Setting up Cardo for Sat Nav Instructions, Phone calls and Music

    Strange. Newest firmware loaded? We use a pair of the packtalk bold JBLs, and I have my headset connected to my (android) phone and Garmin XT and all of it works great -- I get GPS prompts in the headset, and can speed-dial and answer incoming calls on the phone hands-free. No pairing between...
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    Life! (corona virus, non informative, non hysterical post)

    Texas actually reported a spike of 17,820 new cases on Tuesday the 22nd (highest since the start of the pandemic), but this was apparently due to a backlog of tests getting pushed through. Still, definitely wear masks and socially distance until we get a vaccine -- this stupid virus isn't going...
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    Towing and tying down the S10

    I like attaching those "soft loop" straps to the bike itself -- you then attach ratcheting straps to the soft-loops. Keeps the metal hooks of the ratcheting straps away from the bike. Not sure how much more I could add other than common sense suggestions you probably already know. On long...
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    JW Speaker 8691 Adaptive Lights as Aux Lights

    Anecdote: Part of the reason I bought JW Speaker lights is that they're well regarded in the trucking industry. They make 4-piece light sets that are popular on 18-wheelers, and even sell lights for firetrucks/emergency vehicles. (Part of the problem with LEDs on trucks is that they don't get...
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    Headlights - LED or Halogen

    FWIW, I'm one of the few here who's not terribly happy with Novsight LEDs. I don't have much invested, as they're super cheap and I printed my own ABS caps, but the light output is not noticeably better than the stock halogens, just a bluer color. Being unsatisfied, I've since installed an LED...
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    Just signed up. Doing the whole "ST vs GS" thing.

    The GS looks like Salacious B. Crumb.
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    dash (meter) failed on 2019 es

    Yeah. Yamaha seems content to utilize the same screen year-after-year, ignoring the problem and just replacing them as necessary, though it oddly doesn't seem to affect all bikes. It's difficult to come up with a preventative solution without knowing whether it's truly a heat or UV-related...
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    dash (meter) failed on 2019 es

    +1 When I was looking into buying an FJR a few years back, I ran across this video by TwoWheelObsession of the same screen failure. He mentions in the video that the Super T uses the same/similar screen. He believes the screen itself is somehow susceptible to UV radiation damage. Solution...