1. hANNAbONE

    :..SHOEI RF-800 Helmet - size SMALL..:

    White, Small Shoei RF-800 helmet lightly used by my wife. Clear windscreen. Interior is well cared for no smells and lightly used. She isn't riding anylonger - so on the sale block it goes.! Never dropped or damaged in any way. $75.00 + actual shipping to your address. PM here or email ...
  2. towboatcrisco

    Helmet STOLEN off Motorcycle , Assaulted while pursuing thieves

    Wasn't sure where to post this but since happening it has sparked all kinds of debate and dialogue between myself and riders I know , thought I would post up my misfortune to draw attention to the bigger issue should we trust our fellow man or in correct terms " humans " . It seems for myself I...