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  1. M

    Anthony Re-Flash Done, Full Arrow Exhaust Purchased; What Next?

    I had my 2016 ST (with 5,600 miles) re-flashed by Anthony recently. It was all that everyone said it would be -- great, and I really love the bike now. That was the best bang for the buck I have ever gotten for one of my motorcycles. When I had Anthony do the re-flash, I told him that I had...
  2. prowlnS10

    S10 ECU Dyno Tune/Flash, Arrow Header, Uni-Filter NU6235 Dual Stage Air Filters, Heat Wrapped Air Box, Modified OEM Muffler

    I have a 2014 ES with ECU dyno tune/flash, Arrow header, modified oem muffler (larger tailpipe with oem spark arrestor assembly removed, screen re-attached), Uni-Filter NU 6235 dual stage air filter & heat tape wrapped air box. ECU flash is the single most beneficial & impactful engine mod for...