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    xt1200 auxillary socket

    USB ports put out 5V, so if you put a USB adapter plug (phone charger type) into the 12V socket it has a built in voltage reducer to put out 5V.
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    Super Tenere 2020 rally

    There are lots of fire roads in the Black Hills area. Not like being in Colorado or something, but at least some places to get some dirt under the tires. I took one a few miles out and then took a two-track trail about a mile in and camped with nobody else around with less than a week to the...
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    Your thoughts on it costing $10,000 ?

    The Honda CRF450L MSRP is higher than that. I'm sure Yamaha has done market research, if it's priced too high we will be seeing discounts. Looks good for someone like me who isn't going to buy new, a used model in 4-5 years should be $5k or so hopefully.
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    Touring or Sport mode

    I can't deal with riding it in T mode...yuck, feels like the throttle is connected to a bungee cord. I suppose I should get the ECU reflashed, I have never been a big fan of the power delivery of this bike coming off a Triumph 955i Tiger. That triple was a beauty of an engine, absolute hoot to...
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    Final drive leak, both places?

    You aren't the first person who mentioned that, glad to hear it worked for you. It looks like the seal on my bike started leaking and then stopped for my incident. I was riding through a lot of rain, maybe some crud got worked into there and then worked it's way out? Anyway, I figure if it...
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    Final drive leak, both places?

    Thanks y'all. I think I will just order the wheel side seal to have available. I spooned the tires on at my buddy's place and didn't balance the wheels so I should pull them off at some point to do that. When I do, I will just swap that seal.
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    Final drive leak, both places?

    Yeah, I took these pictures right after riding 2500 miles with a big chunk of it in the rain......the bike is usually slightly cleaner than that. I had done a 2500 mile trip a few weeks prior with no issues, so I don't believe the system was overfilled. I'm going to do a drain and fill, of...
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    Final drive leak, both places?

    I recently got back from a North Dakota to San Diego trip on the Tenere. Right around Dodge City, KS I saw my rear rim was coated in oil and there was oil all over the bottom of the "pumpkin". I stopped at the local WalMart and picked up some gear oil, popped off the fill cap and it was right...
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    Dunlop has a new tire for our bikes!!

    Similar to TKC70, Shinko 705, etc. I'd consider it, I like to think that I ride a bit off road but it's probably less than 5% of my total riding.
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    Sargent seats for Super Tenere $350

    My wife has never ridden on my Tenere, so I may be your huckleberry on this deal?
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    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    Awesome spot to set down a tent not far from Carlsbad, NM.
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    BMW GS Update

    Nice looking bike, enjoy!
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    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    My son is home for a few days, transferring from Okinawa Japan to Hill AFB, so we went on a father/son ride. Beautiful day east of San Diego. I picked up the R6 for him a few months ago and fixed it up, this was the first time we took it out of the neighborhood.
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    No more tank bag!! Hurray!!

    I agree that the tank bag collects stuff, I have a lot of crap in mine but don't feel like it has an effect on how the bike handles. I guess I will go through it and start throwing stuff out, it's sort of like my lady's purse.....just collects junk until it gets full.
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    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    I rode from San Diego to Colorado Springs and back last week. The last few hundred miles home were miserable, no way to get to San Diego without going through heat. I decided to take a non-interstate route and went by Glamis (Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area). I know the air temp gauge on...
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