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    Anyone else tired of winter yet?

    There are a lot of things I dislike about southern California, but the riding weather and awesome twisty backroads make up for a lot of it. I'm suffering with the 70 degree weather today but it's supposed to warm up to 75 later next week.
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    So...what other bikes do you own?

    1990 Kawasaki ZX7 H2 I got this bike about three years ago, didn't really want it but it was part of a buy one and you have to take this one deal. It was completely disassembled and came in plastic totes, bare frame completely stripped down, etc. I put it all in the back seat of my truck and...
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    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    Great pics, looks like a fun place to ride!
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    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    Here's a video of the Baja trip I took with my buddy the other day. Was a gorgeous day to ride, I sometimes forget how blessed we are in this part of the country.
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    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    Took a trip down to Mexico, visited Canyon de Guadalupe which is a hot springs / campground 35 miles down a dirt/sand/rock road. Pretty cool place, may have to spend the night there at some point. Good food after getting back to the highway.
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    Honda X-adv 750 DCT

    Pretty cool, I had never heard of it before. I know a lot of people will hate on it for being a scooter, not enough suspension travel, DCT, etc but obviously it fits the needs of some riders and I for one wouldn't mind taking it for a spin. At the price level, I wouldn't buy one though.
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    Bikes are Useful

    We've got an FZ6 in the garage as well. Great little sport-ish, tour-ish bike. I love that it has a center stand.
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    Why it's a stupid decision to run street tires in the dirt

    I mean, do you think I trucked it up the hill? I rode it around OW all weekend, it obviously wasn't as good as having my dirt wheel setup on it but I had a great time and was riding with the rest of my group. Just like running more street biased tires off road on the Tenere, use your brain...
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    Why it's a stupid decision to run street tires in the dirt

    I had quoted the wrong person, thought it was the OP. Deleted my post....apologize! Anyway, I do believe that the person is the responsible party and blaming tires is ridiculous. We don't blame spoons for making people fat, do we? And yes, my scooter and Husqvarna are very much different...
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    Why it's a stupid decision to run street tires in the dirt

    Edit to add: Yes, the tires were not the correct choice for the conditions. I brought my supermoto out there to prove to someone I ride with that it could be done. Could and should are two completely different things.
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    Why it's a stupid decision to run street tires in the dirt

    I rode it all weekend, Shell Reef, Pumpkin Patch, the backside of Blow Sand through the rocks all the way down to The Cove. Not too difficult at all, getting to the top of Blow Sand was the biggest challenge but it just took some momentum.
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    Why it's a stupid decision to run street tires in the dirt

    So blame the inanimate object instead of the "inexperienced rider"? Seems quite backwards to me. Cue crazy look at me pictures of brainless rides. ADV Scooter? Some idiot (me) took his supermoto out to the desert and sand dunes. I had a great time that weeknd!
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    Shipping a Super Tenere

    I have only trailered my Tenere once, I got a free trailer from a buddy and then put about $100 into it fixing it. I was looking at renting a trailer, but one way was going to be pricey for the time frame I had in mind. I just donated the trailer to my daughter and son-in-law at the end of...
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    Dear XT. I'm sorry I did this to you

    I'm waiting to hear the outcome, don't leave us hanging! (not an Epstein joke, btw).
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