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    BMW GS Update

    Nice looking bike, enjoy!
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    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    My son is home for a few days, transferring from Okinawa Japan to Hill AFB, so we went on a father/son ride. Beautiful day east of San Diego. I picked up the R6 for him a few months ago and fixed it up, this was the first time we took it out of the neighborhood.
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    No more tank bag!! Hurray!!

    I agree that the tank bag collects stuff, I have a lot of crap in mine but don't feel like it has an effect on how the bike handles. I guess I will go through it and start throwing stuff out, it's sort of like my lady's purse.....just collects junk until it gets full.
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    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    I rode from San Diego to Colorado Springs and back last week. The last few hundred miles home were miserable, no way to get to San Diego without going through heat. I decided to take a non-interstate route and went by Glamis (Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area). I know the air temp gauge on...
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    I'm in San Diego, what size is the gear...or rather your height/weight may be even better? I'd like to check it out if it fits. I have a buddy in Ramona looking for a Tenere but he kind of wants a Gen 2, but if the price is right he could be swayed.
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    Busted front seals

    I've been found out!
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    Busted front seals

    Mine started leaking last year, I cleaned them a few times but it just kept coming back. I just changed them, made a YouTube video if you need any help.....not sure how helpful my videos are though, sometimes I do stupid stuff! :D
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    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    Did some riding in east San Diego County, checked out an almost 100 year old dam. Dam good time!
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    Riding the PCH

    PCH is absolutely beautiful. I'm blessed living in CA, but haven't ridden it as much as I should. Great pictures and ride report.
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    Greetings from So Cal

    Check out San Diego Adventure Riders if you haven't already.
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    Retired Sailor in Southern Illinois saying "Hello"...

    Welcome aboard shipmate. I'se hard, I am, I is, I arrrgghhh!
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    Greetings from So Cal

    Hello from San Diego. I agree, it's unusual to say the Tenere is lighter than something, but I guess there are some heavy bikes out there. I just picked up a Kawasaki Nomad 1600 that's probably got 200 pounds on the Tenere.
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    Spark Plug - Potential issues

    The front tire spews water up on top of the engine. If you ride through heavy rain long enough, it will also swamp out the air box. I found this out after riding in torrential rain in Canada for two days straight.
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    Portable 12V air pump/tire inflator

    I have a bicycle hand pump along with a tire plug repair kit (string type) tucked under the right side panel by the battery. I also carry a DynaPlug 12VDC pump that plugs into the SAE plug I have attached to the battery. I have used both, never had to seat a bead with either so I can't attest...
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    Oil Filter Question

    People keep hitting me up saying since I run Fram filters my bike is going to explode, my house is going to burn down, my dog is going to get pregnant and I will get a bad case of crabs......but none of that has happened yet. Key word here is yet. I do like their availability, but if someone...
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