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    Hello from Western NY

    Welcome from CNJ! Season isn't over yet! Did section 1 of the NEBDR last week woke to 26 degrees on my drz. S10 is out for the count waiting for new rubber seeing that I picked up a nail with my rear tire. You will LOVE the s10. Great bike. Plus it will get you to some great views.
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    Welcome from Central NJ!
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    NJ Super Tenere Spotted!

    Saw a nice blue tenere with engine guards and farkles near a small airport in NJ. Sorry was following a group and didn't know the area well. Two very nice tenere's yesturday in the Del Gap area. Both had the same roll bags on the back of their luggage. Rear one was that nice tan color...
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    Black S10 Quick Check Gas Station Rt31 Amwell, NJ

    I have to keep better track of these. Starting to see some S10s on the road now :D
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    Installed my Orange Electronics TPMS

    Late comer to the conversation but super interested in running a TPMS like the orange on my bike. I will reach out to the companies as well.
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    I too would be in the market for a couple of these shirts :D
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    Thinking about it (I was never confused).

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    Moab/Southern Utah ride report-May 2019

    Thank you for posting this advice. I am currently planning our next cross country ride and would like to dip our toes in Moab. It will be a mixed group of bikes. Some of them sport tourers on softer tires. So comments like this help a great deal.
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    Thinking about it (I was never confused).

    You will dig the S10. I also have a Versys (the 650) and the S10 is a great compliment to it. So much so that the Versys doesn't see much riding now that I have the S10 done up. I have worked on and ridden my friends V1k and they are awesome. I agree shaft drive and CC and I would trade my...
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    Another Dead AltRider Luggage Rack

    Current setup for this weekends camping trip.
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    Another Dead AltRider Luggage Rack

    I think the OEM doesn't have the same failure point due to the hardware they used. Mine hasn't failed and I hope with the modifications I make it will not. If I were to do it again I would just add the top bracket (the rectangle design) to the happy trails setup that I have coming for the...
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    JW Speaker 8691 Adaptive Lights as Aux Lights

    If you run a camera see if you can fix the aperture. I know many tests where the camera settings can make the output look better or worse then what is actually being found. I dig your setup and like that the cornering lights work well.
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    ACD Skid Plate Install (with Altrider crash bars)

    This post is still helping people out. Thank you. I did my install this weekend and forgot the stud length.
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    Wanted - OEM Super Tenere 1200 Side Cases and Brackets

    I have a 2019 ES and I am looking for a set of oem side cases with brackets. Paypal ready. Located in Central NJ. Thank you for looking!
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    njdevils1990: 2019 ST ES mileage and service records

    The heaviest I will go is a camelback with some hand tools, snacks and 3 liters of water. The weight only gets better as I ride. Plus depending on the bike sometimes the rear seat will be high enough to take off the weight. I might move to a bladder in a tank bag when riding 2up.