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    A wire for the high beams

    I forget which wire I used, but I'll tell you how I found it: Flick high beams off and on, while feeling the relays for one that clicks. Then put the meter on the leads to find out which one is getting turned on. All the relays are under the right cover. I don't recall if it was under the top...
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    A Colorado Mountain ride with an unexpected turn of events, 10-11-2020

    Loved reading your story! Heated gear is worth every penny I ever spent on it! Wish my helmet had a heated visor, but the Arai's pin-lock works well enough during daylight. Night time gives me a 2nd light refraction for every light...
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    Coolant Change the easy way

    I haven't tried it on the S10 yet, but I've never had a problem filling a radiator with this funnel: Fill up the radiator, start the engine, squeeze the hoses, and refill as necessary. Put in the center plug to return...
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    Givi Water/Oil/Gas Tank TAN01 replacement cap seal

    I have a pair of their tanks, and use one for water, the other, gas. The cap's seal rotted out after 2 months of gas use. Has anyone found a replacement seal? Givi only offers a replacement cap. No seal In the meantime I'll be measuring and looking for an o-ring.
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    Whose season is winding down?

    I switch from road trips and camping, on the bike, to camping and road trips, in the truck. With heated gear, temp isn't my issue. Rain and salt are. I'll ride in the cold, or the rain, not both.
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    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    I agree. I almost face-planted in a couple spots. It was only some fancy footwork that saved the bike and I. Both were front tire slide outs, while i was up on the pegs.. After that, I was waddling through anything I suspected to be mud. If those ruts were any deeper, they would be impassable...
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    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    The leaves were coming down as if they were a blizzard, while being wet and slick, from last night's rain. That trail definitely challenged my riding ability, as well as the tires: Dunlop Trail Mission.
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    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    NEBDR Section 5, Vermont. Rode with some guys from Iowa for a bit. Found them by accident at the start's gas station. They had an easier time, for the most part, on their GS. If I had knobbies, I could have carried my gear, but this section would have still been a challenge. I left my...
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    So the Super tenere stock is empty and they told me is discontinue

    I'm riding my new bike in the Adirondacks of NY. Twisty and dirty:D NEBDR section two, this weekend!
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    Planning a trip to NY?

    If you haven't found it already, there's a site that'll show you where you can find all of the outdoor activity locations available: DECinfo Locator It starts out with the Environmental Quality tab open. Click on the Outdoor Activity tab, then scroll down to check the box of the activity you're...
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    How to get that fine brew of black gold in the morning

    Just picked up a MSR Windburner stove and filter. Going to ty it out next weekend. The lid for the filter doesn't stay on, so I'll have to use a rubber band. Or, carry coffee in another container.
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    Anyone getting out or at least ready to break out?

    Rode section one of the NRBDR last weekend. Section two will be next weekend. Camping in a primitive site around Burnt-Rossman Hills State Forest, NY. I dump my non-essential gear in the tent and ride the route. Side cases, top case, etc.. Tools, fuel/water, first aid kit, etc., ride in a dry...
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    Radiator fan rotation direction

    A radiator fan is supposed to blow air the same direction it flows through the radiator as you're riding it. If you run it the opposite direction, it will be fighting the incoming air. It will not be effective in boosting airflow through the radiator=less/no cooling.
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    Dunlop TrailMax Mission Tires

    I'm eligible:D
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    Bias vs Radial tires

    The Dunlop Trail Missions I have are bias. Max speed rating is 113mph. I like them better than the stock Battlewings, as they don't squirm in the corners. They also perform better off-road than I expected. I love carving twisties, with an occasional off-road trip, so the loss of top end is no...