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    SOLD - Gen 1 Tenere Parts - Panniers and Tall Windscreen

    Is it possible to send it to Europa? Austria? Wien? Best regards
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    Maintenance Items, Part Numbers, & Accessories

    Thanks a lot, I funded it. all the time I was looking on a bottom part of engine. both sides :)
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    Maintenance Items, Part Numbers, & Accessories

    Hello guys, one question, Do you know location of a engine number for xt1200. I have to find it. Because it is obligate data for the first time registration in my country. I know all other data as: model number, chassis number both, on a front forks left and right side. Best regards
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    New member

    Hello boys :) After Suzuki V strom 650, I bought a tenere xt1200, used not new but still one of my favorit bikes :) Year 2011. So I am very glad to be part of this community.