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    Michelin Anakee Wild: Ongoing performance and tire life review

    I’ve tried the Kenda Big block knobby and the Shinko 804 knobby. Both wore just like you are describing. In my younger days I would have turned the tire around. I thought I could get a ratio of two rears to one front. Found out that wasn’t the case.
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    Garmin In Reach

    Watching. Cell phone service in Utah is spotty at best. I’m in the same situation.
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    Sold My Super Tenere Today

    It takes me wherever I want to go. While loaded with camp gear, off road, on road, freeway, gravel.
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    The new Mitas E07 Adventure tire (tyre)

    Time to change the front. 14,968 miles. It’s starting to feel squirrely in the gravel corners.
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    New exhaust, sounds awesome

    Good looking!
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    Montana Ghost Town tour 2020

    We got settled in camp at the Merry Widow, and rode to Jefferson City.
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    Montana Ghost Town tour 2020

    A couple of action shots
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    Montana Ghost Town tour 2020

    From Elkhorn City we rode over to the Merry Widow health mine and set up camp. The Merry Widow was a gold mine, but is now a health spot where people go in and breathe the radio active radon gas. And drink some radio active water. Crazy sounding to me.
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    Montana Ghost Town tour 2020

    Elkhorn City was a cool place to visit. They have a grave yard on a hillside behind town.
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    2015 ST New to me

    Welcome from Idaho. Nice looking bike.
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    Montana Ghost Town tour 2020

    We then headed towards the town of Ennis looking for somewhere to set up our tents for the night. We found a campground with a patch of grass, and showers. We packed up camp and headed towards Pony, Montana. From Pony, we headed towards Elkhorn City,
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    Montana Ghost Town tour 2020

    I had an opportunity come up to make a multi day overnight trip with a couple of guys from the Idaho dual sport club. Touring around Montana seeing old mining ghost towns. Bikes were: KTM 690- Ron BMW GS adventure 800- Ed BMW GS 850 - Dan Yamaha Super Tenere - Mak10 I found out about this...
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    Yamaha Super Tenere MOTO-TAG photo game

    New tag: Abandoned building
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    What does your morning look like?

    I’m riding with BMW guys today. Morning Starbucks. ;)