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    (2) Thumbs up for Two Wheel Dynoworks in Kirkland Washington!!!

    Well, I've been riding around after the ECU reflash for the past month and half & I gotta say, it feels great! The 'jerkiness' is still there, but it's not as bad as it was before & it feels free-er reving in 1st 3 gears. Less engine braking caught me bit off guard, but I love it now! All the...
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    favourite pic of your bike:-)

    Wow! Beautiful!
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    (2) Thumbs up for Two Wheel Dynoworks in Kirkland Washington!!!

    Well, I got my ECU re-flash yesterday by Nate/2WheelDynoWorks in Kirkland, WA. I arrived at the shop as they opened and Nate took me right in and had my ecu reflashed in under an hour! Gotta hand it to you all for ALL the good information available on this site! The great thing about ECU...
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    Dunlop trail max Mission

    I've had them on mine S10 for about 7k miles now & they are relatively a hard compound tires that are wearing very nicely! It has fantastic grip on dry pavement and pretty darn good on basic gravel roads. It started out quiet for about 3k miles but now, it sounds like a proper 'jeep...
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    (2) Thumbs up for Two Wheel Dynoworks in Kirkland Washington!!!

    Nice...Madhatter, any in-sight to 'pros/cons' of reflash? Maybe aside from a "header" change in the future, I'm pretty much planning to stay in 'stock' trim myself. Will retain 'both' riding modes (Tour/Sport)?
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    (2) Thumbs up for Two Wheel Dynoworks in Kirkland Washington!!!

    Awesome! Thanks for your reply! I didn't knonw you can run just the 'headers' with stock muffler! I like it "quiet" ... I had a Delcvic slip-on & I just couldn't get used to it with/wihout baffle. I think I'll do just the 'headers' next!!!
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    (2) Thumbs up for Two Wheel Dynoworks in Kirkland Washington!!!

    I'm headed up there next Tuesday to get my ecu reflashed on my 18' S10es as well. I've read a lot about how it helps on the on/off throttle jerkiness and having the cooling fan come on earlier. These are my 2 'gripes' on the bike, but aparently the 'standard reflash' service includes a lot...
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    heli bar mount/brake line extension ?

    Depends on the model year of your S10. I understand some older generation S10 handle bars can be raised / pulled back by re-routing the brake/clutch lines. However, on my 18' S10, these changes are NOT possible wihtout brake extension line. I installed the heli-bar mount & I was VERY...
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    Suspension Service

    Tabasco, Thanks for your quick feed-back! I got 'lazy' & opted for the ES version which seems to limit my options on when it comes to 'aftermarket' units front/rear. I've done fork seal/spring/oil changes on several different bikes, so I should be able to handle it on the S10 as long as I...
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    Suspension Service

    Guys...around how many miles should I consider chaning fork oils & such? I've got 13k miles now and haven't done any service on my forks. Plus, I have the ES model, so not sure if I can just un-plug the sensor/power lines at the top and treat the forks like a 'standard' units. Also, I heard...
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    Random switch actuation

    I have something similar on my "ES / Suspension Setting" switch. While in motion, I switch the setting from soft -> Standard and continue my ride. Then I noticed that the suspesnion isn't responding like the 'standard' setting. So when I go back into the menu, it somehow had reverted back to...
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    Nat'l Cycle V-Stream Shield

    Great! I'm guessing the 'medium' size you both speaking of is the 'sport/tourning' shield (N20320)? IF so, that's exactly what I was looking at. V-Stream seems to be more 'bowed' at the center, not flat like the OEM shield & taller at the center to deflect the wind flow higher...which is...
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    Nat'l Cycle V-Stream Shield

    I'm thinking of swapping out my OEM shield for the V-Stream shield. I'm 5'9" & usually wear Arai XD-4 when I ride with the shielf position at its tallest setting. I've noticed a slight 'buzzing' and occasional severe buffeting at times during my ride. I noticed the wind just hits the leading...
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Today, under the watchful eyes of my "Pepita (cat)", I tried makng a fork mount for my video camera...haven't tried it out yet.
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    How Fast Have You Been Off Pavement?

    40 ish for me ... the fire / access roads around here are either covered in various size gravel or just dirt, which turns to slick mud after any kind of precepiation. Oh, those gravels, they're like riding on ice! I changed my tires to the Dunlop Missions & it seems to help a bit. Definetely...