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    2013 super10 rear shock removal

    Do yourself a favour and just take the wheel off first. You are making your life way harder than it needs to be. Get rid of the weight and then you are just dealing with the swing arm weight which is next to nothing. You also will have tons more room to work and it will go twice as fast on...
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    Gen 1 gen 2 seat?

    Yes, same part.
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    ID this skid pan?

    That is the Yamaha accessories skid plate. Do yourself a favour and get something better. skid-plate
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    2013 Stock shock, Canada Only

    still available,
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    Upper Fork Tube Wear

    Unfortunately forks/suspension gets ignored all too often, most likely yours were never serviced by previous owner. I would do as you mentioned and rotate the wear pattern to be facing out to the side. Also do not over tighten the lower triple bolts. I think the spec is around 20N. I would...
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    Fork rebuild and re-valve

    20mm is the piston/inside diameter. 24mm is what you need. I used the race tech holder, but there are several other holders available.
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    Amperage for horn circuit? And which horn? Need high duty-cycle unit.

    I believe it will handle that with no issue. That said, 1st gen horns are on a shared circuit with other items. I assume 2ns gens also have several items on that circuit. If I was concerned and have an application like yours I would just run a separate line of nice heavy wire with a fuse sized...
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    Oil in air box?

    In my opinion the oil in your airbox is due to running a too high oil level. Too much oil leads to increased crankcase pressure and more oil vapors in the breather line. Eventually you end up with a situation like yours with tons of oil in the airbox. Valves show it as well. Normal valves are...
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    2013 Stock shock, Canada Only

    I found a used Yacugar.(same as Hyperpro) It was a good shock with no issues, but if I was going to buy new it would choose a Penske first. A new 8983 double adjustable Penske is around $1350 plus taxes if I remember correctly. Since you are in Quebec I would contact Stadium suspension in...
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    Engine noise at startup

    Crank shaft bolt cover. If you need to manually turn the engine over remove this small black cover and use socket on the end of crankshaft to rotate engine. It would be used by tech to rotate engine over when checking valve clearance for example. If you installed a manual adjuster a year ago...
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    Engine noise at startup

    The easy way to install manual tensioner is to hold the chain guide tight against the chain. Use a spacer of some sort to fill the gap between the case and guide is the easy way. As long as the guide can't move, the chain can't skip when the tensioner is removed. When you install a factory...
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    Engine noise at startup

    Here is a link to the classic tensioner rattle and eventual failure. You will notice his only rattles for a few seconds. If yours rattles for 5 -10 seconds I would not start the bike until you get it fixed. If you are confident on your ability to adjust a manual adjuster go with one of them...
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    Engine noise at startup

    The graves uses fine thread vs the coarse thread of the APE on the bolt. This is why they brag on the adjustability. The Graves has a oil bleed hole to mimic the stock tensioner and they say this is a benefit. I really don't see this as a plus or as needed on a manual unit. APE has 2...
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    2013 Stock shock, Canada Only

    Stock shock off a 2013. 4500km on the shock when it was removed. Sorry not willing to ship across the border. If anyone in Canada is looking for a low mileage shock let me know. $200 plus shipping.
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    Triple clamp tourque

    26Nm top, 20Nm bottom.