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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    If you put an aftermarket “oil pressure warning light” ..... check everything before continuing
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    The anything thread.

    I had them made to the rigth measure ..... but I'm not so sure whether to stick both decals or just one
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    The anything thread.

    Nice picture ..... but ..... remind them that they forgot something:):)
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    its not just a commercial - what are you singing?

    It is not for singing ... but I would like to know what thing he was smoking, ... :):)
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    What the f#$% did I do? Rear wheel install

    In reply to post # 8
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    The anything thread.

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    Need expert help!

    If you can, send a pic to see the spacer washer .... but if the bearing broke .... it was already bad when changed the tire, they should have changed it.....or ... they put it together wrong or too tight
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    The anything thread.

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    Frj engine into s10?

    The truth is that the level and quality of the development of that engine is incredible and of course the level and knowledge of the mechanic. But this brings to mind a reflection of Mr. Warren Buffett ..... ..... "If you are on a ship with chronic leaks that cannot be fixed, the energy you...
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    Frj engine into s10?

    140 hp ?? ..... you do not need to change the engine to reach those hp ... Why are you not looking for a good race engine preparer. Raise the compression to 13.5 .... modify the crossing of the cam shafts ... change the throttle bodies for larger ones, change the injectors for ones with a...
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    The anything thread.

    A married couple, owners of a dog, decide to go on vacation but they did not know what to do with their pet since they could not take it. They went to see the neighbor, to ask if they could leave their dog with her. - «I have no problem, replied the neighbor, although my pet is a female and is...
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    Heated Grips

    It’s not always correct to extrapolate a result, but sometimes it serves as an example.
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    Super Tenere - Model Year Changes

    What would the S10 be missing to meet Euro5 ???
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    Heated Grips

    In another S10 forum, I found this note. The author (casas16) explains why the gen2 ecu does not recognize the oxford grips to be able to control them from the dash. Explain that the difference in connection between the two grips makes the resistance values different. The oem heated grips...