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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Yesterday I discovered my rear tire was worn out to less than 1 mm of thread left, so I needed to chnage for the new one. I normally let it to be done by the shop, but this time all the near by mechanics were busy and could only find time for next week. But they said, if I take the wheel off...
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    The Grand Tour of a Small Kingdom.

    I did the northern and western part of your trip last year with my buddy on our way from Sweden to Germany, very beautiful and enjoyable indeed
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    Triumph Tiger 1200 2018 On

    I spent a day on this before I bought S10. I liked to ride on it very much, the triple is really exciting. Did not feel any more heavier for me than the S10 But I was worried about its reliability and the dealer's ability to fix the problems. Yamaha was a safe option, I am very happy with it.
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    Tenere- the unscratched itch

    Welcome, I also switched from Fjr to ST in 2018. No regrets
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    New forum Member, Yamaha driver since day 1.

    Hi Stefan, nice to see more Europe mainland guys in the forum. My son and his family is living in Netherlands, medical scientists ...
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Rolled it out first time after winter today, installed Pazzo levers and Helibars risers, did a short 20 minutes round. A bit too chilly for me though (+10 C), I like the temps to be at least +15 C.
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    On the fence

    I am very sensitive to the vibes. So before I bought my ST I tested a number of bikes, including Multistrada. The ST is by far the smoothest, very soft vibes. Then comes Trimph Tiger 1200, BMW 1250 GS, Multistrada and KTM Super Adventure being the worst. The vibes of KTM were so bad that the...
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    Need urgent advice about Florida weather

    Thanks a lot to everybody, I successfully managed to change my ticket to JFK in June, from where we probably will be heading to New England and Canada for 2 weeks. Any suggestions for beautiful places and attractions on that direction are mostly welcome.
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    Need urgent advice about Florida weather

    Well, we have become a victim to the Trump travel ban from Europe, we had scheduled a holiday trip to Miami starting from this Saturday the 14th, just few hours after the travel ban enters to force. Our airliner is offering us to change the flight time until August the 20th, we need to decide it...
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    Eastern Beaver PC-8/'16 S10 ES Install?

    I screwed it into the tools compartment
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    Help me make a decision?

    I have Touratech standard size seat and can confirm that it is much better than the stock seat. 6-700 km per day is no probmlems.
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    A different kind of ride planning...Europe

    As pointed out before here, travelling in Eurpoe is very, very easy and no need to engage touring companies or do any prebookings for accommodation. I have done many trips around Eastern and Western Europe as well as in Alps. Never booked any hotel beforehand. Typically we would start off early...
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    New owner in Kharkiv, Ukraine

    Welcome from Estonia, Ulrich. Are you a german living in Ukraine?
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    Touratech seat?

    I have Touratech standard size seat, very comfortable compared to the stock seat. I did a long 6000 km Europe trip on it, very satisfied.
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    Garmin Zumo 595LM

    I am using this one, pretty satisfied. It is my second unit, first went with the previous bike to the new owner. Once you get used to all its functions (which takes some time) it is pretty reliable. No problems with vibes and rain, also the screen is OK in sunshine. Avoid using the adventurous...