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    Anyone change their own tires?

    I’ve changed hundreds of Goldwing tires for myself and friends with my homemade tire changer and bead breaker, yes if you start with a warm tire it’s much easier. i worry about possibly damaging a Tenere spoke With the homemade changer so I’ve always just taken the wheels and tires to my local...
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    Whose season is winding down?

    Years ago I did quite a bit of snowmobiling but after buying my second Goldwing back in 2001 I sold the snowmobile .
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    Madhatter wants a dirt bike….

    Well hopefully in a year or two this COVID thing will be figured Out.
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    Whose season is winding down?

    I usually ride all winter, currently have 56 months without missing, the most I ever had was 78 months. About 5 inches of new snow yesterday but I rode to town for breakfast this morning, it’s about 25 miles round trip, nearly got stuck in the snow bank at the end of the driveway. For about the...
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    A Few DIY Helmet Locking Solutions from $0 to $3

    Wonder how many folks have tried those snap together things that are supposed to replace D rings ? I tried them and after about a week I threw it out, I highly preferred the D rings and rarely have any trouble with them.
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    A Few DIY Helmet Locking Solutions from $0 to $3

    Thanks for the tips ! I was not aware that you could actually buy those vinyl coated cables in any length you wanted so I definitely will be looking into it and hopefully they will have those cramp on things available as well. Some interesting lock ideas as well but I would have no problem...
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    ACD business practice

    Ordered some JIS screwdrivers off Amazon coming from Japan, after about 5 weeks they said the screwdrivers had been returned but they would ship them again if I was willing to wait. After about 4 months of waiting I requested a refund and they Refunded my money a couple days later.
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    The anything thread.

    Gene loves fishing early in the morning so when he retired he bought a nice cabin on a lake with a very nice dock for his boat. But the wife has absolutely no interest in fishing, while Gene is gone fishing she loves to read books. One day Gene goes fishing early in the morning while the wife...
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    Should i Buy ?

    Wow looks great ! how many bikes do you own ?
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    New Sky Race Format!! Sea To Sky Race 2020 Turkey

    where Is the Tenere ?
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    How did you choose your forum name?

    Many years ago Unknown Lady in a bar called me Cycledude and folks have been calling me that ever since.
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    3D Printed Toolbox

    Wow that was a lot of work ! But it turned out great !
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    That trip didn't go as planned

    Yikes !!! Thanks for the very good reminder to be more careful !
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    To flash or not to flash....

    The jerky throttle is definitely worse on my 2018 than it was on the 2013, but it averages about 8 mpg better so that makes it a little easier to overlook. Powerwise they both seem about the same to me, however the 2018 is much smoother. They both choke off way to easily, I blame that on the...
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    To flash or not to flash....

    Haven’t flashed mine but I would love to take one for a test ride and after that the chances are pretty good I might have mine flashed.