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    Front fork seal socks

    Shock sox its what I have. I’m cleaning them after each dirty ride with a bio degreaser and let them dry. Before reinstalling I’m spray Lubricant on the inside surface ( one that are in contact with the fork) somerhing like fluidfilm/ wurth film/ M-55/ wd-40...the one you prefer! You can choose...
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    High front guard to suit the 21" wheel on the WASPmobile..

    I like to see the results and process too !
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    Exhaust headers

    I have use a Wurth extra fine steel wool on a rotary air tool for mine. 1st step the extra fine steel wool to clean the grime. A lot of acetone for cleaning also. 2nd step : I’ve polished it with a cotton wheel mounted on a bench grinder with polishing paste. And a lot of Autosol polishing paste...
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    Barkbusters Install

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    It's time for an update Yamaha.

    They can make that bike a 25k$ bike . And they can stop the production of it as well. Its a superb platform already but a few modern upgrade here and there can make a greater bike!
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    Here’s the seller if you wanna do the facebook thing a ling ding ! Looks like a cool dude! At least he has a Tenere in his facebook folio!
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    I saw a set for sale on Marketplace on Facebook!
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    I have 2 Touratech racks , one rear rack and one that fit where the pilion is. I have fit a rotopax on one of them.
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    Small switch on combination switch

    Perfect! Thanks!
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    Small switch on combination switch

    Hi! Would like to see if somebody installed a small button type switch on the left combination switch . I’ll like to install an Highway dirtbike switch on my bike and want to know if that fit! Thanks Charles
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    WARNING Shinko E705 tire

    I just mount another 705 this week. Almost 10 000km on the other. Second rear for this year. Like them alot. They perform well for what I ask them to do. But around 7000km they loose a lot of grip in the gravel but plenty good for asphalt.
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    Valve check service, Valve adjustment, General maintenance

    Done a friday pm in at the Yamaha montage line!?:p