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    WTB: REAR HUB rob
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    Super Tenere Video

    Hi Boris, paid the £7.99 for the 4 episodes today just finished the first 3 great to watch , great to see the 2 teneres in a tv series very similar to long way round superb, wow views to die for rob
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    Let’s see your Dog!

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    Add a Tool Case to Your Pillion Luggage Rack

    oh sorry its a DS tool box there based in spain and yes it fits with the givi and it fitted when i had the yamaha luggage as well rob
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    Add a Tool Case to Your Pillion Luggage Rack

    hi, the case is shown above in the ebay link cheap £17 rob
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    I'm in. From the desert Southwest USA

    welcome Mike, from S Wales UK Rob
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    Super Tenere Video

    hey boris, went on amazon prime last night uk, not there rob
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    Hello from new member

    i have a ds tool box from them based in spain, been ok with that anyway rob
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    Hello from new member oh, and welcome from s wales uk rob
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    Quick Intro

    welcome nick, from bridgend s wales uk, i think we had this conversation be for tho when you first came on here cheers rob
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    hand guard extensions you can,t buy need to make them here we are rob
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    Greetings from Murphy NC

    welcome from s wales UK Rob
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    Here I go !

    Welcome :)
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    Hello from San Jose, CA

    Welcome :)