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    How to level the seat video

    When I did my seat levelling mod I heated up the tongue with a hot air gun and bent it to where it needed to be, also it can be reversed if it ever need to be out back to stock.
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    Do you live in the UK and run OEM panniers?

    Even better is to buy a short length of ally tubing of ebay and make your own to any length.
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    SuperTen, to change or not to change?

    I've only had my ST about 18 mouths so a relative newcomer here but have covered over 12k miles so far. It is a great bike, but for me it does not tick all the boxes all the time so another bike/s works for me. There are loads of great used bikes out there for not a lot of dosh and if you like...
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    Blew out my rear ES shock. What now?

    I recently had my ES shock out to add a couple of preload shims, after reading on here about taking it out through the top or bottom I found it easier to go the top route. It is tricky the first time but like all things when you know how etc. VIP Before the shock come out set the preload the to...
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    Life! (corona virus, non informative, non hysterical post)

    Went shopping at my usual local Tesco's yesterday and very very few shelves were empty, there was plenty of food etc. I guess these days everyone is used to getting what they want when they want it and it comes as a shock when they can't have it. Had a good ride today for a few hours (on the...
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    Blew out my rear ES shock. What now?

    I believe they can be rebuilt, but no doubt old hands on here will be able to confirm this.
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    The 'Second Man' Rule | Group Riding

    Brilliant !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    TAll screen needs more and huggers

    I gave up with huggers ages ago and made a much larger cover in front of the shock and up under the seat tray.
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    Riding Fittness

    Out of interest, I wrote the same opening post on two mainly UK forums as seems you guys on here are much more into their fitness than we are on this side of the pond. Thanks to all for posting.
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    Riding Fittness

    Good to see there are other like minded people, I don't do as much as you guys, more irregular I guess due to "weather patterns"over here. The thought of a indoor trainer leaves me cold but can see it would work for some. My favourite ride is the E-bike, some say its cheating, but everyone I...
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    Riding Fittness

    I've recently just had the first ride of the season on my Blade, had this bike for 21 years from new and it's always great to reaquiant with an old friend. However, it's usually a bit of a shock to the body after riding an upright bike for a few months over the winter but this year was much...
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    TAll screen needs more and huggers

    I went for a Givi Airflow and adjustable Touratec from the Gen one bikes, works pretty well although not the best looking.
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    I Don't Believe It

    Bimota, I'm in Pembrokeshire so not too far you, we'll have to meet for a chat sometime. Yep, have travel ins so just starting the process...oh joy.. Quite a few of my recent trips have been solo, can't think why....must have scared everyone off. Not made any plans for the summer yet but the...
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    I Don't Believe It

    A few months ago I booked a weeks break in Gran Canaria, set off Saturday and all was well, the flight was going well too until 20 mins out from GC...the pilot said the airport was closed due to bad vis We were diverted to Tenerife and ended up sat in the plane for 4 more hours and then sent...
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    2020 Plans - what’s happing?

    The only plan I've made so far is a week next month on Gran Canaria, went to Tenerife a couple of years ago and it was great for some winter sun and endless bends. Have booked a CB500X for three days then a T7 for the following three days so it should be interesting. I'm not riding with these...