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I's sleepy and reread your post stating the grips are yamaha. I have a few other questions about your bike. Have you redone the cam tensioner or reflash the ecm?
This won't let me attach photo's. Can you email me at and I can send them to you.
For your top plate I can look and see if I still have my aluminum Givi top plate I had powder coated black. Hardware and instructions included. I can send you down some pics of it. Not out to make anything out of it. $20 plus shipping from up here which would probably be about $40.
Yes please. If you have some photos would be interested. I assume that top plate would accept either top case size of 42 or 58 litre? (I think those are the sizes). The larger top case might be excessive no? I know it is personal preference just don’t want to go small and have buyer’s remorse. You have amazing cycling terrain up there! Jealous.
Damn, shipping costs suck.
I need a set of bumpers if you still have them. I live in Grand Prairie,TX if that helps any.
Ok. Cool , no problem. I still have a set. PM me.
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Yes it will accept any monokey top case including both the 42 and 58 litre Outback top cases. I will go out and check in my box in the garage. I don't think I sold it yet.
Hello all you Tenere fans. I'm new to the forum. Iv been riding my 2012 Tenere since 2013. Iv had other bikes and the Tenere out shines them all by far. I love it. My friends say it's a boring bike, I disagree. I'm not a speeder but I go for distance and the Tenere is very comfortable I'm my opinion.
Welcome!!! I cant think of too many 'boring' things to say about the S10.....
Hello Anthony, I was wondering if you are still doing the reflashes for the ST? I have a 2016 non ES model that I would like to have done. My email is Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you, Jeff
Howdy, yes I will accept $100 for the Madstad bracket with you paying shipping. Thanks and sorry about the delay I don't check in here much..
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