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standing and walking better, but not sure I can handle to height and weight of the bike. I will attempt to downsize significantly. Still have the T though and do miss riding it. It is plugged in and ready to go.
Had my ECU reflashed by AVC8130. I'm Loving it! We've got to get together and I want you to ride my bike and experience the difference! I was fine with the bike before. I wasn't expecting much just wanted more efficiency and complete fuel burn. I've always adjusted to my bikes. But I feel more of a one-with-the-bike feeling. I can't describe it. It's like the bikes does what I want it to do with less input from me?
I would like to ride a flashed bike. I ass-ume that the throttle is smoother, and less drastic. I think that my kid's FJR is likely flashed. The throttle input is less on/off. He also gets higher mileage, and has a higher top speed than other FJRs post. The thing is....I love the instant on/off of my throttle as is. It is anything but sloppy. I'm starting to think people post s**t, just to get a reaction.
Hi looking for a tenere flash
Where are you located rmuff? I am in Regina and noticed your email. Cheers, Terry
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Hi in Swift Current
So, my Tenere comes in Thursday. It’s a 2013 with 32k. I’m an ex moto guy and understand you’ve got this ECU dialed! Shoot me an email at and give me your particulars. Thx and ride on-
Hello, I've been researching ST skid plates and pretty much settled on Ravetech as the best combo of performance and price. You still seem to be happy with yours after a couple of years, correct? Also, does it truly connect to the frame at both front and rear? Thank you for your time, sir!
Yes I am still happy with my Rave tech plate. There's a brace that attaches to the two front upper engine mounts and another brace that fits to the frame / foot peg bracket behind the engine. There's a small angle bracket that reaches back from the front bracket to attach to an unused lug on the front of the engine but it does not touch the sump anywhere. You could leave that out without any problem.
Hi, I asked on your parting out thread if you still had the cigarette/accessory socket but you ever replied. Any chance you still have it?
sorry, yes i have it but it has 163000 miles and is very rusty on the inside. i was planning on keeping it. i thought i had gotten backto you.
Still struggling through this fracture. I am lucky to walk let alone ride. I am selling my bike to pay medical bills.
Man, I feel for you. It almost happened to me.
been riding for over 40 years and having a blast. The super Ten was my dream to have a bike exactly the way I wanted it. Ordered it sight unseen online. The bike has been a great AD tourer. I have found myself unable to ride due to recent accident, oh well, time will tell.
Hey ORION65! If Mkr64 has sold his windshield or doesen't respond I have that same windshield I would let go for the same price of $50 shipped. Mine looks to be in better shape than his with scratchs in the mount area only which don't show when mounted. I also Have a 22" Parrabellum in near perfect condition I would let go for $125 shipped. I will be posting these here in a few days so hang in there or let me know.
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