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Hey OldRider, need 2 sets of rear spokes for a 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere 1200 shipped to Lawrencevill, GA, do you sstill sell those? First post here and I don't know how to PM
That would be 8 spokes @ 3.50 ea. and 5.00 shipping, $33.00 total. My Paypal is
Harley guy for last 200K miles, attempting to learn "adventure". 600 miles practice and will start CDT in 10 days. Stupid? Maybe......
Hi Tom, have got any anti vibration brackets left? I not , can you please let me know ASAP when you will have some more, kind regards, Phil turner , I am in Australia.
Sorry, no more available. The plans are posted here though. “Accessory bar vibrations “
I notice you are in central VA; I am just north of Richmond in Henrico Co. Have a 2012 ST with about 30K miles. (also an FJR)

Did you ever find a suitable scanner? Have you ever checked / adjusted your valves. I'm looking for someone who has done it to look over my shoulder. . . . I have a very well equipped workshop with a Handy Lift and machining and welding equipment.

Hi there. Would you sell the Madstad adjustable bracket? And the panniers seperately?

Thanks in advance.
At this time, probably not, but if anything changes, I’ll definitely let you know. Thanks!
Had a great time in Colorado. Thanks to all for making the new guy feel so welcome. Looking forward to many more rally's.
Fredz43 - Im Jim Blais and i would lie to purchase the seat. I am in Virginia and let me know what you would like to do
Hi, Jim. You are the first to reply, so you have it. Might be better to email me at so we can discuss details. Thank you.
A little help please...I sold my ST last week and deleted my posts. I would like to delete my account. How do I do that? Thanks, Jerry
I looked, and I don't think I have the tools to remove your account either. Let me check and see if there is some hidden tool somewhere.
Hey OldRider, do you still have rear spokes for sale? Just found a broken spoke that scuffed up my rim and shaft drive.
Yes sir. You can paypal $19 to
Hi OldRider, $19,00 just sent via PayPal. Thanks!
Spokes are in the mail.
It’s fine, just monitor it. Look for changes and oil. I really don’t think you have a problem. Besides you are on it, this sort of thing can be repaired.
hi the first two photos and last one is my bike 3/4/5 photos are someone else's. I've not herd anyone say they have hade a problem but I've got to take it that its ok.
I have a 2012 Super Tenere, non ES with low mileage. Hoping to take a cross country trip next year, so getting used to the bike now. I first need to modify the kick stand, as I feel it leans too much. Next, need to modify the seat to a lower position. Then, looking for any mod that can make the bike a great ride cross country.
I find cruise control a real help on long trips. Also, set the bike up so that you can stand comfortably. Being able to stand for periods of time, even when not off road, will allow you to ride for much longer periods by not having to stop to rest your ass and stretch your legs. Helmet comms for listening to music or story books.
EricV says you are looking for a rim for your rear wheel. Are you still interested? I have a brand new rim (still in Yamaha box) plus a set of spokes (one or two missing). Located in Malta.

I have 18' S10ES which I'm considering your suggstion to use Pro Taper EVO Adventrue Bar in hope to raise the bar about an ~1" up and ~1" closer to the rider. Would this bar conversion require switching to longer brake/clutch lines?

I can't say for sure if you absolutely HAVE to - if the stock lines will allow unimpeded full lock-to-lock turn - but I put longer lines on and I don't regret it.

Im very rarely near my office phone and not often by a phone. If you like you can PM or email me anytime and I will be happy to write back. Or shoot me your number and I will be happy to try it out when I have a second.

I like talking "Tenere" stuff and would be happy to help... Thanks ~ Jaxon
Hi there. is your Touratch seat still for sale?
If so can you ship to the UK?
You can email me an
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